BulbHead BluTiger ‘As Seen on TV’ Seated Elliptical Machine Review

BulbHead BluTiger Seated Elliptical Machine

BluTiger Seated Elliptical Machine

BulbHead BluTiger Seated Elliptical Machine is a compact, portable, sleek and modern ‘As Seen on TV’ cardiovascular fitness equipment to help you burn calories when you’re working at your desk in the office or sitting on the couch, reading and watching TV.

The Slim Cycle Elliptical is endorsed by Harley Pasternack, a well known trainer for Hollywood stars. It has the large anti-textured pedals, digital LED-backlit display with a single black button and 8 levels of magnetic resistance for different levels of challenge. It is a compact fitness elliptical with an innovative design for at home or in the office use as it will fit anywhere and can be moved around easily. It can be used by people at different levels of fitness.

BluTiger Under Desk Treadmill offers you a great low impact workout that puts little burden on your joints and knees engaging your different muscles including chest, shoulders, legs and core section at 8 levels of resistance. You can change the level of resistance through the tension dial and challenge yourself more. This seated elliptical may work for you if you’re having a hard time with high impact type workouts, like running on a treadmill.

Blue and black BluTiger Seated Elliptical is made of aluminum, weighs 14 pounds and measures 20.25H x 12.75D 11.12W inches. It has a convenient low profile design that allows you to exercise wherever you want, when sitting on the couch, at your desk or table or on the chair when working all day long. The small digital LED-backlit display helps you monitor your progress by telling you the current speed, time exercised, calories burned and distance traveled. And it has the Scan function that shows you these functions one by one.

bluetiger seated elliptical trainer machine

You can pedal this seated elliptical easily thanks to the large anti-slip pedals and the fluid motion offered. The large pedals it has will be good for any foot size. You can move it around easily in your house or office by holding the large grip on the built-in carry handle. You can use it both as a tool to burn some calories and fat or strengthening and toning muscles.

If you’re new to this, you can start out slowly at the lower levels and move up gradually. You can work out whenever and wherever you want, anytime and anywhere without spending much time away from the other activities. It can help enhance your joint function and flexibility and increase your levels of energy. It doesn’t need much assembly other than putting the foot pedals on.  It is good for pretty much everyone, people at different fitness levels and ages. April 9, 2021 is the date it was first available and is ranked the 14th best selling elliptical trainer at Amazon.com.

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