BUXANO 55Lb 5-in-1 Adjustable Single Dumbbell, JB2080 Review

BUXANO 55Lb 5 in 1 Adjustable Single Dumbbell

BUXANO Adjustable Dumbbell 55Lb 5 in 1 Single Dumbbell

BUXANO JB2080 is a 5-in-1 55lb. adjustable single dumbbell with a non-slip nylon handle and the multi weight options with quick adjust function for a specific muscle or whole body resistance training in the comfort of your home gym.

It is suitable for use by both men and women at different fitness levels and ages and professional trainers. Black Buxano Adjustable Dumbbell is solid and durable for many long years of use, is made of cast iron and measures ‎10.03L x 11.22W x 11.22H inches and 17.32L x 8.66W x 7.28H inches including the base. With the weight choices of 11, 22, 33, 44 and 55 pounds on this 5-in-1 single dumbbell it is a bit like having 5 dumbbells. It has a smart design that lets you adjust the weight very quickly depending on your needs. 

You can turn the handle with a single hand for adjusting the weight in just a second or two. But please do the adjustment when the dumbbell is placed on the tray. It is a sturdy and durable product that feels stable and safe with the two locks  of Lock-A to prevent the dumbbell tablets from falling and Lock-B to secure these tablets and the safety adjusting buckle. You just put the dumbbell on the tray, unlock the safety lock and adjust it to the weight you want. And when you lift the dumbbell the safety lock will shut itself automatically.

You’ll see a pointer and a clicking sound for you to know the adjustment is done and you can have a smooth and simple workout. The simple scale adjustment lets you control this dumbbell easily. The high quality nylon grip on the handle is wearBUXANO Adjustable Dumbbell 55Lb 5 in 1 Single Dumbbell resistant, non-slip and does not hurt your hands unlike the metal handles you may find on other dumbbells. It has a softer feel and nicer touch and will not rub the palm of your hand easily. The dumbbell has the powder coating for preventing rusting or corrosion.

This modern adjustable dumbbell can help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, strengthen and tone specific muscles or train your whole body. It is a multi-functional and good quality product that is is easy on the eyes- looks nice. This number one new release among the Strength Training Equipment has an average user rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars by 26 customers at the time of this short review. July 27, 2022 is the date it first became available at Amazon.com and is currently the number one best seller in the Strength Training Free-Weight Racks category.

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