Cap Adjustable 25lb Dumbbell Set with Contoured Full Rotation Handle Review

Cap Adjustable 25lb Dumbbell Set

Cap Adjustable Dumbbell with Contoured Full Rotation Handle, 25 lb Pair

Cap Adjustable Dumbbell Set (SDBA-50G3C) is made up of a pair of 25lb. weights with the contoured full rotation handles. It first became available at on December 14, 2021 and is currently ranked the 76th best selling exercise and fitness dumbbell on the website.

Cap Adjustable Dumbbell Set is easy to use and change weights as you just rotate the handle left or right between 5 and 25 pounds in 5lb increments. But you need to do it while the dumbbell is on the tray. There are no levers that need sliding, pins aligning or knobs turning. As the weight switching is done very quickly between your exercises it will help decrease the length of pause during your workout, if you’re doing a circuit workout etc.

Black Cap Adjustable Dumbbell weighs 25 pounds and measures 14.37L x 7.28W x 6.1H inches and it is compact enough to fit in the corner of a room. You can choose the heavy weights for lunges or squats and light weights for tricep extensions or bicep curls or anything in between. You have 5 sets of weight combined in one with the functional dial system on this dumbbell. You have the 5lbs fixed onto the bar on the dumbbell and eight extra weights on each dumbbell that weigh 2.5 pounds a piece.

Cap Adjustable Dumbbell with Contoured Full Rotation Handle

This pair of adjustable dumbbells is equal to having five pairs or sets of dumbbells. It is a versatile adjustable dumbbell weight system that lets you change between exercises. You will not need to have several dumbbell sets lying around your home gym and this dumbbell set may help you avoid clutter. Storage tray is good for storing the dumbbell and there is no tripping over weights or rolling.

Cap Adjustable Dumbbell Set is a unisex adult fitness product that is suitable for use by men and women at different ages and fitness levels. It is quite easy to set up and there aren’t many pieces that you need to worry about. And the handles offer you a safe and comfy weight lifting with the contoured natural orientation with full rotation. You’ll get an exercise guide in the user manual if you’re new to weight lifting or need ideas. It is a very well constructed, solid, durable and functional dumbbell weight set that offers good value for money, especially as compared to the similar products of different brands.

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