CAP Barbell FID Training Bench with Memory Foam, FM-CS704MF-2 Review

CAP FM-CS704MF-2 FID Training Bench via Amazon

CAP Barbell Memory Foam FID Training Bench FM-CS704MF-2

Black and red CAP FM-CS704MF-2 is an FID- Flat incline decline barbell training utility bench with memory foam padding for support and comfort and to help you push more and longer. It weighs just 35.5 pounds with measurements of 59 x 18 x 49 inches and the maximum weight it can carry including the user is 300 pounds. You can adjust it easily for 6 levels of flat, inclined or declined use (1 level for declined, 1 for flat and 4 for inclined one of which is like 87 degrees when you lean against it- almost 90) and the way it inclines or declines at different angle is just right, that extra support is especially useful if you have a back problem. CAP FID Training Bench is an affordable but a solid and well constructed one with everything put together nicely- is designed for indoor use only and to last you a while with proper care. The foam leg rollers are comfortable enough for a bench at this level but some people may need a little more support. The locking pin is like the ones you may see at the gym and is more secure than the other adjusting types.

CAP Barbell FID Training Bench Memory Foam FM-CS704MF-2

It is relatively easy to assemble as it comes with the necessary instructions and just make sure you tighten everything properly but some customers may need a little more extra time to finish the assembly and you may need a ratchet to make it all an easier task but when you’re done with the set-up you will see how good it looks- as solid and nice as an a lot more expensive bench. This is one of the best priced FID- Flat Incline Decline benches on the internet, with all the necessary functions and features and can be used in combination with other equipment so that you have more options and you target different little parts of your upper and lower body to get better results overall. It stays put on any surface with the rubber anti-slip feet but probably best on a flat hard surface rather than carpet, has the transport wheels and can be carried around easily when it is completely assembled as it only weigh 35.5 lbs. Don’t just think as a bench to lift weights you can also work on your core by doing crunches, twists and leg lifts. Frame is large enough but not very large so you probably don’t want to push yourself too much to right or left. All in all it is a great value for money bench that we recommend.

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