CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack, 6-foot (FM-905RD-6) and 7-foot (FM-808-7) Review

CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack

CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack

CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack is offered in two sizes of 6 foot (FM-905RD-6) or 7 foot (FM-808-7) and four color options of black, green, red or white. White is offered in only 7-foot size. CAP Power Racks have an average user rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars by 101 users at the time of this product review.

The 6-foot version measures 43.62W x 47.5D x 72H inches as assembled and the 7-foot version is 43.62W x 47.5D x 84.02H inches. 12 and 14-gauge steel tubing is used on this sturdy and stable rack to be labelled as commercial grade for home use. It has a tested static total weight capacity of 500 pounds for the catches and 750 pounds for the pull-up bar. It is a very safe, stable and reliable product with the gusseted uprights, and adjustable safety bars or catches. The pull-up bar will help strengthen your arms- triceps, biceps and abdominals.

It is sturdy and durable with the industrial zinc hardware and powder coating to keep it maintenance-free for quite some time. It is easy enough to assemble on your own, but please make sure you have all the bolts in place first, before tightening them completely. This way you will let the equipment stand upright and any wobbling pr shaking will be avoided. There are a variety of exercises you can perform on this functional and versatile machine, including deadlifts, squats, pull ups, curls, shrugs, overhead presses, barbell rows, introverted rows and more.

It will be fine for use by people of different heights for exercises for different body parts. If you also get a bench with your purchase or if you already have one, you can do even more exercises. The safety bars and catches add extra security and support when you’re lifting heavy weights and you can be sure your barbells or weights will not roll away. They are adjustable for height for you to do a variety of exercises comfortably. You can purchase a dip attachment by Cap via that will be compatible with this power rack.

You can certainly hang a TRX or other suspension system from the pull-up bar. It is suitable for use by shorter or taller people, as they can choose either the 6’ or 7’ versions. Whether you need to bolt this power rack down will depend on what kind of exercises you do with it. If you will be CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack 6' and 7'doing exercises that will involve side to side or front to back motion, then it is best that you bolt it down on the floor through its 4 tabs attached to the bottom.

This CAP Full Cage Power Rack is designed as a heavy-duty product with 12 and 14 gauge steel for fairly hard core use everyday. It is a great value home gym power rack as long as you’re not an advanced weight lifter and do not have the expectations of a very expensive commercial gym power rack for advanced users. It is sturdy and durable enough for beginner to intermediate lifters. CAP has been in the fitness equipment industry for more than three decades and has branches and sales points globally, in different parts of the world. If you’ve ever gone to the gym it is quite likely that you worked out with a CAP product.

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