CAP Barbell Weight Bench FMS-CS100 and 100-Pound Set Review

CAP Barbell Weight Bench FMS-CS100 and 100-Pound Set

cap barbell weight bench and 100lb weights set

The CAP Barbell Set is made up of FMS-CS100 and 100 lb. vinyl weight set and is reasonably sturdy and budget priced . It scores 3.9 out of 5 stars at the time of this review and offers fair performance for light users- is good for starters to work out for building strength and muscles in the comfort of their homes.

The Cap Barbell Set has a compact frame and is built solid and durable with steel tubing. It is a regular combo weight bench with quite a dense seat with plywood back rest for your comfort and the foam rollers for your comfort. There are four 20 pound weights, two 10 pound weights, a steel bar and two spring collars in the 100 lb. weight set.

The back pad is adjustable to different positions for your incline chest press and regular chest press exercises at different angles. The assembly is easy with the instructions and simple tools included. But please make sure everything is screwed on tightly so that there is no shaking or wobbling. The Cap Barbell Set is shipped fairly quickly within three to four days on the day of this product review page.

CAP Barbell Weight Bench FMS-CS100 and 100-Pound Weight Set

You should be able to use it comfortably if you don’t weigh over 200 pounds (but preferably less than 180 pounds) as that is the maximum user weight specified. The maximum for the weights you can load is 100 pounds on the one inch thick bar. And although the rack is not really wide you can just move your hands after lifting the bar. The weights are filled with cement that weigh 10 pounds and 20 pounds.

Please remember that this set is for light use, which you should be able to tell from all that you’re getting at such a low price. So do not expect anything super sturdy and make sure you do not overload the bar. And if you’re on the market for a weight bench and weights set for light use to build strengthen muscles, lose fat and keep fit, this one certainly offers good value for money at the low price point on

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