CAP FM-7105 Barbell Strength Olympic Bench with Preacher Pad (FM-CS7105B) Review

CAP Barbell Strength Olympic Bench with Preacher Pad FM-7105

CAP Barbell Strength Olympic Bench with Preacher Pad FM-CS7105B

CAP FM-7105 (FM-CS7105B) is the new release solid build barble strength olympic bench that can accommodate 7 feet olympic bars, that includes an FID- Flat / Incline / Decline position bench, preacher pad, removable squat station, two function 6 roll leg developer, adjustable uprights with multiple positions and safety spotters. It is a sturdy and durable olympic bench with a large black powder coated very large stainless steel frame and good quality upholstery and is designed for home use although it is claimed to come close to gym grade equipment. It is easy to assemble, weighs 97 pounds with a capacity of 500 pounds for the total of user and weight and measures 75 x 52 x 47 inches as assembled and is simple to do so with tools and instructions included in the package. Because it is a two piece unit you can easily move it out of the way especially if you have a restricted space in your house and you can store it easily against the wall using up little space. It is kind of an all in one that lets you do leg extensions (leg rollers have 85 lbs weight limit), squats, preacher curls and bench presses- in a great versatile workout session.

CAP Barbell Strength Olympic Bench with Preacher Pad FM-7105

We can’t say it is quite the gym or commercial quality but is pretty close especially when you consider the low price level, the functionality and versatility you’re getting with it- is nice to have a separate squat rack, so it is not like those units that can have tens of people using it at the gym but serious experienced weight lifters can use it in a variety of strength training exercises. CAP Barbell, based in Houston, Texas, is a well known distributor (after designing, testing and manufacturing) of exercise equipment since 1982- with 24 years of history offering offering 600+ products with competitive prices in 10 categories. 500 lbs weight limit (basically 200 pounds for the user and 300 pounds for the weights) is quite good but may not be enough for some of the very advanced weight trainers. It is sturdy and the bench is comfortable but a little more foam would be good too and the positioning of the safety catcher is criticised by a couple of customers for being long and slanted backwards. For the price, it is comparable to the squat racks on the market, and you have a bench and preacher pad and leg curl attachments in the same price so you’re getting quite a solid deal here: solid, sturdy, easy to assemble, functional, versatile and low price.

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