CAP OB-93 Olympic Trap Bar, Hex Deadlifting Bar & 2-Inch Shrug Bar by WF Athletic Supply Review

CAP OB-93 Olympic Trap Bar & Hex Deadlifting Bar 

WF Athletic Supply Olympic Trap Bar

CAP OB-93 by WF Athletic Supply is a two -inch combo hex deadlifting bar, an Olympic Trap Bar and a shrug bar with the zinc plated solid steel and the raised handles for doing your deadlifts and squats in the comfort of your home or at the commercial gyms with its professional grade build quality.

Your color options are white, green and black, at the same affordable price at on the day of this post release. The built-in feet offer stability and protection for your floors when you lift the weights, load or unlaod weights. Medium carbon steel bolts are SAE 429 Grade with the 37, 000 PSI shear strength and 74,000 PSI tensile strength. It gives you a decent whole body workout by getting your larger muscles involved, helping you build strength and help with the muscle growth.

With the tubular steel construction it is compact in size and will occupy very little space in your house. It is designed for use with the Olympic weights. It has the comfortable neutral placed grips and with also the elevated sleeves you can lift the weights easily without feeling much burden on your back. CAP 08-93 WF Athletic Supply Olympic Trap Bar weighs 28 pounds and measures 50L x 29W x 14H inches, has a 9.5-inch loadable sleeve length and a total recommended weight of 500 pounds with its sturdy construction.

You can use these Olympic hex trap bars in your home gym or in a commercial gym setting. It accommodates two in plates and allows a total weight of 750 pounds. You have the robust medium gripping surface which is corrosion and rust resistant and can be cleaned easily. It comes with a 100%WF Athletic Supply Olympic Trap Bar Hex Deadlifting Bar satisfaction guarantee and a customer service that will help you with the problems or questions you can have. It is worth the money you spend on this fitness product and you can have a peace of mind.

ISCR Holding Co. Inc is the manufacturer of this hex deadlifting bar and it first became available on October 1, 2021 and we don’t have any customer reviews so far. It is currently ranked the 58th best selling strength training bar. CAP is the largest weightlifting products and accessories company and a well-known brand with conditioning, strength, agility and speed equipment. They have a total of 5 distribution centers in the US that they ship from and you should receive it in a few days via We think that it is good value for the dollar.

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