Simple Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Best Ways to Boost Libido and Testosterone

Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally Lower testosterone levels are linked to heart disease and prostate cancer in a recent university research. So you may want to start with getting your testosterone levels checked and take it from there. Those of you that do not want to take prescription pills like Viagra or Cialis due to their … Read more

Benefits of Boosting Nitric Oxide in Your Body

Pomegranate Nitric Oxide

Benefits of Boosting Nitric Oxide Nitric oxide (NO) is a very important signaling molecule found in your body- gas naturally made by your body and a great vasodilator (blood vessel dilator), that will help you increase your muscle mass and get ripped muscles. It will improve your blood pressure levels (reduction of blood pressure), help … Read more

Healthy Foods that Help Improve Blood Circulation

Foods that Help Improve Blood Flow You need a healthy blood flow in your body and to your muscles to get that pump effect, by more nutrients and oxygen being delivered to your muscles that you’re targeting and for enhancing your results from training, you achieve better gains and giving the nutrients they need to your … Read more

What Should I Eat Straight After Intense Exercise?

Eating after working out

What to Eat Straight After Intense Workout What should you eat straight after your gym workout or an intense / strenuous exercise to help with fast and efficient recovery? No candies or chocolate bars for sure but foods that will meet your post-exercise needs and what are these foods? Within the half hour after your workout … Read more

Healthy Eating for Muscle Gain and Growth

Muscle Gain and Growth Nutrition

Nutrition for Muscle Gain and Growth  Your success in muscle gain and growth is dictated by your regular training at gym, proper rest and most importantly what you eat every day- nutrition. Not paying attention to your nutrition and focusing only on your workout and how you perform your exercises would be a grave mistake, … Read more

Why Should We Eat Fiber Every Day?

Dietary Fiber in Fruits and Veggies

Make Dietary Fiber a Good Part of Your Daily Eating Plan Why should we consume fibers every day? Because they help us stay slim, prevent a variety of diseases including certain cancers and diabetes so they are great friends as long as you have them every single day as part of your healthy diet. They … Read more

Proper Sports Nutrition for Endurance Tests

Nutrition for Endurance

Nutrition Advice for Endurance and Physical Fitness Testing You may be preparing for an endurance or physical fitness test for a variety of reasons and on this page we will have a look at the nutritional aspect of it and so here are some important tips for when you’re preparing for your endurance test.. First … Read more

Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Why Should I Do Cardio Exercise? The reason cardio training is called cardio training is because it simply relates to your breathing and heart- cardiovascular system. It lets you achieve a good physique by helping you burn fat and lose weight but you do need to do it regularly to get results. Simply moving, sweating … Read more

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