What is the Right Diet to Gain Proper Muscle Mass?

Nutrition for Muscles

Right Diet for Gaining Muscle Mass The main reason for many people at the gym for not getting the results they want or for making slow progress with their workout at home is mainly because of their diet: There simply can’t be training without proper nutrition as what you eat is approximately 70-80% of how your body … Read more

Eat More Protein to Gain Muscles Faster?

Protein for Muscles

Protein Consumption for Muscles You need to increase your daily consumption of protein to increase your muscle mass. An average adult consumes less protein than he or she needs (recommended intake is 1g per kg of body weight and 1.5 to 2g for those that work out) and when the protein intake is low your … Read more

Get a Juicer or a Blender for Healthy Drinks?

Juicing or Blending For Your Daily Healthy Drinks We all heard it many times how good veggies and fruits are and when you become smarter and wiser as you get older or as you read more about nutrition, you may start asking yourself if you should blend or juice your fruits and vegetables if eating … Read more

Proper Nutrition for Muscle Building

Nutrition for Muscle Building

Healthy Eating for Muscle Building To build and maintain a great body and muscles you need to work out regularly, rest and sleep well and have a healthy diet- make a habit of eating better and healthier foods regularly and although every single one of these three factors is important, many fitness experts claim that … Read more