Cathe Friedrich Fit Tower Workout System Review

Fit Tower Workout System by Cathe Friedrich 

Fit Tower Workout System Cathe Friedrisch

Fit Tower is a sleek and modern, patented design comprehensive workout system that allows you to adapt to and do a variety of exercises for strength and cardiovascular training, ab workout and stretching, giving you a great deal of flexibility to tone and strengthen your body, while increasing your cardio endurance levels. It is great for home use and especially for smaller flats- if you are limited in space at home, due to a compact size and small footprint, also making it easy to store. It is very easy to put together when you get it shipped to your address via and in the package you will find the main Fit Tower with 10 adjustable exercise levels, a green resistance fitness band of a mid-range loop and another long band of light resistance, a green workout mat and three workout DVDs of dynamic whole body exercises (for abdominals, lower and upper body) designed by Cate Friedrich, combining certain elements of ballet, yoga, pilates, traditional resistance training exercises and will show you different ways of using it so you can improve your overall fitness.

Fit Tower Workout System Cathe Friedrich

The exercise programs on the DVDs by Cathe are claimed to be engaging and challenging, we don’t have the system on hand and judging by a couple of reviews, they are more suitable for beginner and intermediate levels, but then again there is no reason you can’t use a bit of creativity here. And this is by no means a negative for the equipment, as it is very well built and sturdy and functional with a great deal of flexibility if you like working out in the comfort of your home. “10 adjustable levels” means you can adjust the foam covered, comfy to hold the cross bar to 10 different heights, so it can be used by different people to do many different types of exercises- is very easy to use, as you need to simply move the bar up and down. With over three decades of a fitness career and more than 400 DVDs and live stream workout programs (one of the largest privately owned libraries in the world), Cathe Friedrich is a well known professional in the industry, that has been helping people in different ways to get and stay fit. She believes that you really need to be challenged to be able to change and transform your body.

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