CDCASA Adjustable Multi-Function Power Squat Rack Power Cage Pull Up Bar Review

CDCASA Power Squat Rack Cage, Multi-Function Power Tower

CDCASA Power Squat Rack Cage

CDCASA Power Squat Rack Cage is an adjustable multifunctional power tower with the pull up bar and the power zone rack stand for use in home gym settings. It is a number one new release resistance training power cage that is rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 14 customers at the time of this post release.

CDCASA Power Rack has a premium look and feel, heavy duty construction and the great quality materials. The Π-shape base with a 20-degree tilt on this power cage works better than the H shape in terms of stability and the 2″ x 2″ thick tubular steel frame adds to the overall stability and safety. You have the rubber anti-slip pads on each foot and will protect your floors nicely. These power racks go out on the market after thorough tests and inspections. And you can expect great stability and durability.

CDCASA Power Tower is a good quality product that comes with the thick foam dip handles, multi-grip pull up bars, spotter arms fo resting when you’re squatting and J hooks with the safety lock clip for storing the barbell. There are 11 levels that you can adjust the height to for your dip handle, spotter arms and J hooks for customising your workout at the different postures. The height can be adjusted between 14.5 and 70.5 inches and you can have decent training sessions. But the rack itself is fixed height and not adjustable. All of this adds great flexibility to your workout.

CDCASA Power Squat Rack Cage Power Cage

You can perform a variety of exercises including weight squats, pull ups, ring pull chest, cantilever crunches, dead lifts, bench press, curls and pull ups. You can do anything you would do on a squat stand and you can also add a workout bench and the Olympic bars. It is a great all in one power station with two weight plate storage posts with 9.5 inches to organize the weights on the rack. And you can feel safe and comfortable during your workout sessions.

In the package you will find the power rack, tools for assembly and a user manual. Please note that the barbell, weights and the resistance bands that you may see in the photos are not included in the package. When you’re using the resistance bands please add weight plates to the storage posts to avoid any tipping over. The total weight capacity supported is 440 pounds for pull up bars and 660 pounds for bar catches. The J-hooks with the safety lock clips help with the easy storage of barbells and will enhance the security. It is nice to have the spotter arms for safety when you’re doing your squats in the power squat rack and you can have a peace of mind. July 7, 2021 is the date it first became available at and is ranked 14th among the strength training power cages.

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