Champion Inclined Rower- Plate Loaded Review

Plate Loaded Champion Inclined Rower via Amazon

Champion Inclined Rower - Plate Loaded

Champion Inclined Rower is a chest supported, plate loaded, heavy duty and durable construction inclined rower with a very big two inch square HD steel tube to help you work on mainly your back muscles, deltoids, rhomboids and trapezius as well as your biceps comfortably and efficiently. It is a great strength training/body building tool with a decent comfy black chest durable pad with solid vinyl cover and swivel hand bar with nice grip handles to help you lift more and train your back longer. As the name suggests this is a plate loaded inclined rower and can be used with Olympic plates only (not the standard plates) and offers great solid support when you’re working out. It has a strong and sculpted appearance for great performance and good quality construction- is quite a sturdy and heavy unit with a weight of 134.5 pounds and measures 80 x 27 x 48 inches and if you’re getting this for home use, you will need a fixed spot for it as it is not designed to be very portable. With the nice paint protection and solid vinyl cover Champion Incline Rower is designed to last you a while in good condition.

Champion Inclined Rower - Plate LoadedI find that back is not the easiest part of the body to work on at the gym and is often quite challenging especially with free weights- dumbbells or barbells and if you’re having problems with your lower back or if it is fatigued somehow then you will probably find this inclined rower quite handy as it will be much harder to cheat with your legs and lower back like you may with free barbells and your chest will be properly placed on the pad. You just load up the incline rower with the weight you want to work with and adjust your leg height so your upper chest is located at the top of the pad, lay with your face down and grab both handles with your palms down, palms in or palms back depending on what section of your back you want to target. First lift the bar and extend your arms right in front of you then pull it up and squeeze your back right at the top and never lift your body off the pad and don’t use your biceps to lift the weight, remember this is mostly about your back and is more important to do the exercise properly that how heavy you lift so if you can’t help lifting your body off the pad at the current weight, just lower the weight and do it properly to reap the maximum benefit on different back muscles. This product qualifies for free shipping and is sent with a year of warranty by the manufacturer.

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