Civigrape Upgraded Indoor Exercise Bike with 25 lb. Flywheel Review

CiviGrape Upgraded Indoor Exercise Bike

Civigrape Upgraded Indoor Exercise Bike

CiviGrape Exercise Bike is an upgraded model with a modern design for home use. It has the height adjustable seat and handles to accommodate the needs of different users. The multi-function LCD display and heart rate handle sensors. It is currently rated 5 stars but by only two customers as it is a very new release bike on

You’re offered three color choices of black, red or white and without any price differences. The integrated multi-function LCD display has the usual indicators like time exercised, distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, rpm, scan (that shows each indicator every 9 seconds) and pulse via the sensors on both handles. You’ll see the speed in miles on the screen and you’re seeing in km, just press the red button to change it to miles.

The very comfortable PU sport saddle can be moved up and down and forward and backward with just a twist of a knob to fit different body types and heights (customized fit for different users with the positive locking seat post adjustment). The rubber foam padded handles can also be adjusted for height for your improved comfort, especially on your arms during your exercise session. As a sturdy and durable fitness bike with a heavy-duty steel frame CiviGrape Spin Bike supports a total user weight of up to 300 pounds.

It has the decent size aluminum alloy reversible foot cage pedals for better foot placement and no slipping at what speed or resistance you ride the bike. There is a 25 lb. size heavy-duty chrome solid flywheel that helps with a smoother riding experience and stability. As you may be aware, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother your cycling experience will be. The top-down pressure resistance is easy to use and adjustable with the felt pads. There is no magnetic resistance on this bike but you can be sure you’re getting a far better and smoother ride for the same price.

Civigrape Indoor Spin Bike

You’ll experience more momentum for longer than normal and you can expect better results from smoother and more realistic riding- more calories and fat burned. No matter what resistance or speed you’re cycling, there won’t be any shaking or uncontrollable movements.  You can stop the bike immediately, whenever you want by pushing down the emergency brake. It is shipped partially assembled and it won’t take you long to complete the assembly by using the tools and the instructions in the box.

CiviGrape Spin Bike is a non-foldable model that comes with the integrated front-mounted transport wheels. And it won’t be a problem for you to move it out of your living room on these wheels. There is a convenient bottle holder in the middle for you to stay hydrated during your workout without having to pause, dismount and mount. And by being properly hydrated your workout performance will be improved. The resistance on this unit is quite good and you’ll be challenged even starting at levels 3 or 4. It is good for use by shorter and taller people at 6’2” or so. And you can comfortably stand on this solid bike and ride if you’re not very heavy, like on a spin bike. Both the display panel and the resistance are basic, but you’re getting a very sturdy bike that offers a very smooth riding experience, at a low price. For the current price, we do not hesitate to recommend it.

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