CONATE Red Walnut Wood Water Rower, CO-B4P024 Review

CONATE Red Walnut Wood Water Rower

CONATE High-end Wood Water Rowing Machine

CONATE Wood Water Rower (CO-B4P024) is a high-end, foldable home gym rowing machine with a sturdy construction for a decent 300lb. total user weight capacity, an aviation grade polycarbonate water tank, an ergonomic handle and LCD-backlit digital monitor. It first became available on September 28, 2021 and is listed in the top 100 best selling rowers on

Conate Wood Water Rower measures 82.28L x 22.95W x 19.69H inches and the main material used is red walnut solid wood that offers stability and durability and the recommended total maximum user weight is 280 pounds. It has quite a robust structure and is kept balanced without any shaking or wobbling and you get a safe and comfortable workout. With a convenient foldable and space saving design, you can fold it easily and move it on the very dense non-marking rubber double casters and keep it in an upright position against a wall.

This modern red walnut water rower has an anti-slip ergonomic handle that is wear resistant and anti-sweat. As part of its humanised ergonomic design it comes with the adjustable non-slip pedals that will fit different feet sizes. It is built low to the ground, which also makes it safe and stable and easy to get on and off. There are double cross bars that support the molded upholstered seat with decent cushioning that seems to be comfortable especially during the longer sessions. You’ll get a manual water pump in the box and you just add water up to the specifed water level line in the tank.

The integrated digital monitor helps you keep track of your workout metrics like the distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, power and strokes. And you can stay focused on your workout to get to your target faster. You get a realistic feel and experience on this wood water rower with the 6 waterCONATE High-end Wood Water Rower resistance levels on this wood rowing machine. And there is an advanced multi-bladed impeller that offers improved resistance. The way it works is the faster you get the fan blades rotate the higher resistance you will achieve.

Conate Red Walnut Water Rower is easy to assemble with the simple installation tools and manual included in the package and you can complete the task quickly. It works quietly and you’ll only hear the relaxing sound of water as you use this rowing machine. And it is a great rowing machine overall with a solid construction and ergonomic design that offers a decent workout to the different members of your family. You can have a peace of mind as you get a quality and customer satisfaction guarantee with your purchase and you may contact the customer service team with any questions you may have.

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