Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine 2713-1BX with PM5 Review

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 via Amazon

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine 2713-1BX with PM5

Sleek and sturdy Concept2 Model E is a luxury indoor rowing machine with PM5 monitor for accurate and useful data, with durability, build quality and great features. It is built higher than Concept2 model D and other rowers as it sits 20 inches above the floor- as high as a kitchen chair, which makes it easier if you have balance and mobility issues or if you have back pain or fatigued knees and you will be able to get on and off this higher seat easier (one of the main feature that makes it unique). Concept2 Model E is offered in grey colour and you’ll see refinement of design at first glance: The metal parts on this model has a clear double powder coated finish and gives it a glossier look, monitor arm is longer and fixed in place and doesnt pivot up and down, has a nickle plated frame and chain, an extra shroud behind the flywheel housing where the chain enters the machine. It is a life time investment and benefits you get from rowing is pretty much the same on both the D and E models.

All Concept2 models are rock solid pieces of equipment designed for training rooms and gyms for extreme use by many people on a daily basis. It is very easy to assemble in just quarter of an hour and disassemble but a small percentage of customers criticised it for lacking proper instructions to set it up. Space required is not different as 9 feet x 4 feet is recommended to get head room and elbow room, when it is not in use it is 8 feet x 2 feet and can be broken apart easily. No tools are required and you can take it apart in just 5-10 seconds if u want to store it away (is great if you don’t have a lot of space in your house) or take it somewhere (becomes 27 x 47 x 54 inches and weighs 65 pounds) so it is very portable too with its caster wheels and a metal frame that is separated into two parts easily. It is designed to give you a great total body workout except for the buttocks (good for chest, arms, back, abs and different leg muscles) and is suitable for newbies or advanced users of any fitness levels or age and whether they want to lose weight, get in shape, maintain what they have and more.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Although it is durable enough for extreme use at the gyms, it is ideal for those that want a rower that will last a lifetime. The flywheel is designed in a way that the noise is reduced as much as possible so you won’t disturb people in the house or your downstairs neighbours if you have them and each your movement on the equipment feels very smooth, natural and rhytmic like you’re rowing in a calm lake while you’re getting an awesome workout. Although it is only 65 pound heavy it can carry people that weigh up to 500 pounds. As a premium luxury unit it obviously has an advanced performance tracking system in place with a backlit LCD display that will let you know how you’re doing, measures distance, speed, watts, pace, calories burned with the Garmin chest belt with rechargeable battery and heart monitor provided in the package as well as a LogCard.

Concept2 Model E has preset workouts and keeps you entertained while you’re rowing with the pre-programmed games and has an integrated wireless compatibility. You can even transfer your data onto your computer by using a USB flash drive. Another customer pointed out the not very high resistance levels for those that want the extreme challenge but we have no doubt it will satisfy most people as you also need to remember that indoor rowing is a low impact type of workout that still works your whole body. Handle is ergonomic, footrests are adjustable and single piece leg design is great for that solid and stable feel. For maintenance just keep top surface clean so it slides easily and periodic lubrication of chain is recommended. In the box you’ll find the Rower, PM Quick Start Guide, User Manual, assembly instructions and tools. warranty covers everything for 2 years and most metal frames for 5 years. Concept2 is a great well known brand in the home fitness equipment market and we highly recommend this great product if you have the budget.

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