Conquer 2-in-1 Treadmill Stair Climber Cardio Stepper Review

Conquer Hybrid Treadmill Stair Climber Stepper via Amazon

Conquer 2-in-1 Treadmill Stair Climber Cardio Stepper

Conquer 2-in-1 is a modern hybrid treadmill machine with an additional stair climber/cardio stepper attached so it combines the popular stair climbing exercise on the stepper with the super quiet hydraulic cylinders with a regular good quality treadmill with weighted flywheel: Great very low impact exercises- solid workout with both anaerobic and aerobic benefits. It has a functional LCD panel at the front with buttons within easy reach when you’re exercising and this multiple function computerised panel tracks the time, distance traveled, speed, calories burned and heart rate through the functional pulse rate sensors on both handles.

Conquer 2-in-1 is easy to store as it can be folded and moved away easily as it comes with the convenient integrated transport wheels. Folded measurements are 18 x 26 x 52 inches and 52 x 26 x 48 inches when the unit is in working state. You will have an efficient workout and smooth movement offered by the hydraulic cylinders. It will help you raise your heart rate, burn some calories, lose weight, get in shape, strengthen and tone major lower body muscles, sculpt your lower body (burn fat and build a leaner body) and increase your bone mass with the right kind of diet or healthy eating habit. You’ll get more benefits from this cardiovascular exercise with the elevated heart rate and will also help you improve your ability to maintain your balance by engaging all the core muscles in your body and building endurance and strength.

Conquer 2-in-1 Treadmill Stair Climber Stepper

The stair climber will get all the major muscles including quads, calves, glutes and hamstrings engaged to constantly lift your body non-stop, left, right and left, right for as many as more than 120 times per minute! So it will be like taking your body up the hill using your own body weight and naturally it is better than just walking on a flat treadmill and as you can see on the photos, the treadmill is designed with a useful incline. As you will be moving at lower speeds on the step machine, the pressure and stress on your body will also be lower while achieving quite a lot. Stair climber or step machines are one of the most popular fitness equipments these days in the cardio section of larger gyms and they happen to be my favourite too, it is so good that you need to experience it to understand how much better it feels on your legs and buttocks and how you feel the fat burning away. Also the price of the Conquer 2-in-1 is right- not expensive at all and feels like a durable fitness equipment with solid build quality and it is well worth checking out.

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