Contour Core Sculpting System 2 Review

Contour Core Sculpting System 2 via Amazon

Contour Core Sculpting System 2

Contour Core Sculpting System 2 is designed for helping you lose fat on your abs, lower abs and obliques, tone and strengthen them and appears to be a great effortless electronic muscle stimulating tool with 26 preset digital programs to give you great tight and firm abs by regular use by wearing it 45 minutes a day and the right diet so you probably will not need to use any of the ab exercises like crunches or sit ups on the floor. In the box you’ll find the Countour ab belt, 4 x AAA batteries, a set of gel pads, 1 month fat burner supply- 60 Vcaps (twice a day) that increase your metabolism, user manual and a year of warranty. Contour Core 2 has a sleek design and as an FDA- Food and Drug Administration cleared product and a patented class 2 medical unit it is claimed to be safe for use and according to a recent study carried out by the company, all of the participants reported better and farmers abs, 92% reported fat loss while 35% reported improvement in their core strength. There is a recommended diet you will see when you first take the ab belt out of the box but if you’re already eating healthy generally, this shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise don’t think you will eat what you want and wear this belt and you’ll put on this belt and expect it to do wonders on your abs.

Contour Core Ab Sculpting System 2

It is easy to set up and you will be ready to start using it in just a few minutes, just follow the instructions on the user manual that tells you the right way to program it. The experience would depend on the person using it but generally speaking it may be a little painful with your muscles contracting at first then it will be more like a deep tissue massage more than anything and will give you that feeling that it really is working in a strange way, for those of you that are suspicious of such an easy solution for fat loss. You will not need to do any of your hard ab exercises, just try this one for 3-4 weeks and you will notice tightening and flattening on your abs and even better on your second month. You can arrange the intensity as you go along and by time passes you should try the harder levels gradually. But do not assume this is for chilling calmly on your couch, this will work your ab muscles really nicely but you still have to eat well every day and be active and even do some cardio exercises- think of it as an additional remedy targeting your abs replacing your ab workout routine. TekSmart Fitness LLC is the company that develops and distributes this and other innovative products that aim to improve customers’ overall well being and fitness levels.

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