Core Max PRO with Resistance Bands Abs and Total Body Smart 8 min Workout Machine Review

Core Max PRO with Resistance Bands

core max pro with resistance bands

Black and red Core Max PRO (7827-030-201) is a compact abdominal and whole body cardio and strength training equipment. The Pro grade resistance bands are included with your purchase and will help you work on the other parts of your body.

Core Max Pro is promoted as a smart, 8-minute a day workout machine and is currently high on the list of core strength and ab trainers at So according to the manufacturer you should get results by just 8 minutes on the equipment. With the power assisted rebound system that offers great resistance in two directions (double action resistance) you will be maximizing your workout results.

The strain or burden on your body and joints will be minimized with the support provided by this system. You can choose from three resistance levels and customize your exercise session. You can use it when sitting down and burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone muscles. Digital download healthy meal preparation and exercise videos, nutrition manual as well as the quick results chart are included as bonus. It has an ergonomic design, is very functional and versatile and easy to use.

Core Max PRO weighs 14.2 pounds and measures 18 x 21 x 14.5 inches. It can be relocated and stored in tight spaces with its portable and foldable design and compact size and take out whenever you want to use it. With the power assisted spring and the great quick track technology you can target and work on your lower and upper body, core section and obliques in both directions with the very focused resistance. The advantage of this precise bi-directional system is you’ll enjoy your double workout benefits in less time than normal.

You will be doing your resistance and cardiovascular training at the same time with the resistance bands included in the package. Core Max Pro is suitable for use by all members of your family, people of different ages and fitness levels. It is easy to assemble straight out of the box as it comes almost core max pro exercisesassembled. All you need to do is to adjust the levers to make it upright. With the tension provided by the system you will feel the great support on your back.

The 8 minutes a day on the Core max Pro is for 8 muscle toning workouts. As compared to the regular sit-ups you can do many more reps on this machine and the effect and benefit you’ll get will be definitely much higher as you feel the burn on your abs each time. It is a good idea to increase your number of reps gradually. If you are a gym person that works out regularly you may still need to get to gym but this will be a good replacement for days or weeks that you are very busy with your other commitments. It appears to be great value for money and well worth giving a try.

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