Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Pro Whole Body Exercise Platform Machine WBV-PRO1K Review

Crazy Fit Pro Vibration Plate Platform Machine via Amazon

Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Pro Whole Body Exercise Platform Machine

Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Pro is a whole body exercise platform machine with a strong 1000 watt vibration single motor, 50 speed modes, 3 preset workouts, a very large vibration plate and a great set of features, offered at an affordable price. It comes with a comprehensive instructional user manual that explains all the bits and pieces including different positions, set-up tools and a 120 volt grounded power cord. If you’re not familiar with the WBV- Whole Body Vibration therapy, it is a popular alternative exercise technique in Europe, Asia and US with claims of different health benefits. According to the manufacturer only ten minutes you spend on this machine is equal to about an hour on a regular exercise but let’s find out if this would be the right model for you, by going through different expert and customer reviews.

Offered in three colours of black, white and silver, Professional Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Pro is quite the heavy-duty type of exercise machine that works smoothly and can carry a max weight of 265 pounds so if you weigh heavier than 265lbs this is probably not the right equipment for you. The whole unit measures 28.5 x 29 x 47.5 inches if you’d like to have an idea on how much space you’d need and the 21 x 14.5 inch large plate is also anti-slip thanks to the textured surface so you can wear your regular athletic shoes on them and the padded handles help with comfort and flexibility. Wheels make it more portable and the non-marking protective caps give no damage to your floors. It has a multifunctional easy to read electronic display console that gets the Body Mass Index information from the sensors on the two long padded handles with curved design and has other indicators like current speed and time.

Crazy Fit Pro Vibration Plate Whole Body Exercise Platform Machine

Sit, stand, do just your legs or your arms, so it gives you complete control and flexibility with the three integrated programs of detox, cardio and body perfection and 50 speed adjustments and the thing is it promises very small effort by you- your body will be worked out for you and you will just feel the side to side pivotal vibrations which may be restrictive for some but generally serves the purpose. No exertion is needed by you while the high frequency vibrations lead to auto reflex muscle contractions all over your body and whether your goal is losing weight, reducing cellulite,  improving your stamina, enhancing blood circulation or toning your muscles this exercise platform machine is designed to help you. It doesn’t come assembled but includes very clear instructions for you to set it up easily in a short time. It doesn’t come with resistance bands like some other models but they can easily be added to the support arms. If you are the type of person that likes exercising at home, weighs less than 265 pounds and would be satisfied with pivotal vibration then this may be the perfect model for you, and at a great price considering its power, stability and size.

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