Crown SWGT-601 Olympic 2-inch Plate Tree with 6 Bar Holders Review

Crown SWGT-601 Olympic 2-inch Plate Tree 

Crown Olympic 2-inch Plate Tree with 6 Bar Holders

Crown SWGT-601 is a solid two-inch Olympic plate tree made of heavy duty high tensile strength steel by Crown Sporting Goods with a simplistic design for home or commercial gym use. It comes with six bar holders and a total bar weight capacity of 800 pounds and in different configurations for keeping your workout area clean, organized and safe. It is made of very solid steel, has a professional appearance and looks good in black and will give you the feeling that you’re lifting weights in a pro gym. The shipping weight is 31.4 pounds and the dimensions are 18.5 x 24.5 x 40 inches, is built with a central weight-loaded design, the pegs are 7.75 inches long, can hold many 2 inch plates and 6 Olympic bars- each of the six arms can have up to 5 Olympic plates. You can be confident about your weights being organized and kept efficiently and safely in both your home gym or fitness center. It will be shipped to you flat and will require some assembly but will include the hardware and step-by-step instructions for an easy set-up in about fifteen minutes or so and you will not need any additional tools to put it together and to get it ready for you.

Olympic 2-inch Plate Tree with 6 Bar Holders by Crown Sporting GoodsYou will like having your plates safely suspended off the floor, organized in one place and not all over the place, and available for proper storage and removal when you’re working out and not lose them- keep track of all your bars and plates. This Crown Plate Tree will elevate your weights and by not picking up your weights from the floor you will be less prone to any potential lower back injuries, your path will be clear off any weights or plates that may be lying around on the ground and avoid any tripping or accidents. It has a very solid construction and the central weight-bearing design ensures that the heavy weights are kept in the middle so they will not fall. The risk of tipping is completely eliminated and the room will be uncluttered when you put the weights back on the rack. You can see the distances between the three pipes on the photo and they are ideal for letting you place plates of different sizes- not too close and just right unlike some other units we had a look. This is a very solidly built and convenient plate tree and bar holder at a reasonable price especially for those with limited space, you will get to customer support easily and the reps are willing to help with any issues you may have.

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