Cubii, Smart Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer Review

Cubii, Smart Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer

Cubii, Smart Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer

If you are like the majority of people and have a job that involves sitting all day in front of the computer or sit at home a lot playing computer games or watching TV, then you will like having this new Cubii under-desk elliptical trainer: Sleek, modern, compact, lightweight, great looking with the state of the art design, it will make you feel more energised and alive. The older model Cubii has been around for a few years and they’ve made a few revisions to achieve the optimal feel and ergonomic posture and it has a nicer appearance than before. It works very quietly so you get your regular exercise without distracting you from your work at the desk and without disturbing people you work with in the office. With the right alignment- all the angles optimized, your knees will not be bumping the desk when you’re exercising- to be able to use this elliptical, you will not need more than 4 inches of space between your knees and your desk while you’re sitting.

It comes with Bluetooth and allows you to connect to the Cubii app for Android or iOS on your smart phone (or even your fitness tracker if you’re using one) wirelessly for you to monitor your workout progress- time, distance, calories, strides and lets you compete with others and set goals and syncs with FitBit (but not with Garmin watch yet). It is actually reported to make you concentrate on your work more and enhance your productivity, by making you stay alert when your job gets boring and repetitive. With the adjustable resistance you can set it to the level of difficulty you need with eight tension levels for different fitness levels. You can increase your metabolism and burn some extra calories you wouldn’t burn by just sitting. Even if you go to gym a few times a week and not being active the rest of the time and staying up to 8 hours at your desk, it will still be harder for you to be fit. Getting distracted and sweating while you work at your desk are two potential problems that may arise with such units but the tests carried out on these two criteria came up with very positive results.

Cubii, Smart Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

In the package you will get the Cubii Under-Desk Trainer, two wheel stoppers if you have a chair with wheels, a micro USB cable, a power adapter of 100 to 240V AC and assembly tools (a screwdriver and screws). Chrome Cubii is a compact unit that slips under your desk easily- with measurements of 23.15 x 17.56 x9.77 inches and 27.56lbs weight, feels substantial and you can tell it has a solid construction with great quality components that will make it last a while. It is shipped fast- within a couple of days from the Amazon warehouse and is easy to put together with screws, screwdrivers and instructions. As a result of being a very good quality, durable, functional, very quiet, user-friendly and ergonomic under-desk trainer, Cubii is definitely not cheap as a compact elliptical, especially when you compare it to some of the small under-desk bikes costing as low as 50-60 dollars but costs a fraction of the treadmill desks. Standing or treadmill desks can run easily into several thousands of dollars which would be out of majority of customers’ reach and they may take up quite a bit of space that you may not have, so they are expensive and are not necessarily very convenient. Customer service is very good and responsive and you will see the app getting revisions over time, with more stability and integration with other fitness apps.

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