CURSOR FITNESS C5 Magnetic Resistance Under Desk Elliptical Review

CURSOR FITNESS C5 Magnetic Resistance Under Desk Elliptical

CURSOR FITNESS Under Desk Elliptical Machine, 12 Level Magnetic Resistance

The CURSOR FITNESS C5 Under Desk Elliptical’s sleek and modern appearance, innovative and flexible features make it stand out among the other options. This elliptical machine is made of sturdy metal and has dimensions of just 17.32 inches deep, 15.74 inches wide, and 9.44 inches high. With a weight of about 15.5 pounds, it is portable and fits well in home and office settings.

Versatile Training Options:

The C5 is known for having 12 customizable speeds that may accommodate users of different fitness levels. It is perfect for discreet use in public areas because of its quiet and seamless operation guaranteed by the 12-level magnetic resistance system. The elliptical offers a decent lower body workout option because it also has resistance bands, which enable users to perform a variety of arm and leg workouts.

Active and Passive Modes for Customized Workouts:

The versatility of combining “Active” and “Passive” modes is offered to customers by the C5. When in Active Mode, the elliptical runs entirely on leg force and doesn’t require a plug. This helps with an efficient leg workout in addition to encouraging an environmentally conscious way of living. On the other hand, Passive Mode allows users to adjust direction and speed with a handy remote when the device is plugged in. This feature increases the elliptical’s overall efficacy by enabling a customized and varied exercise experience.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Comfort:

The elliptical’s capacity to move both forward and backward guarantees a thorough workout that targets several muscle areas. Eight massage foot nubs provide an additional layer of comfort and a light massage function when exercising. With real-time tracking of time, steps, and calories burned, the LCD monitor gives users information about their performance and progress.

User Feedback:

CURSOR FITNESS Under Desk Elliptical Machine, 12 Level Magnetic

The CURSOR FITNESS C5 has received a very good response from customers. They value how well the elliptical helps them recover from extended periods of inactivity. With 12 automatic modes and speed adjustments, there are plenty of workout options to suit different fitness objectives. The exercise routine is made easier and more flexible with the addition of resistance bands and a remote-controlled LCD monitor.

However, some users have noted minor drawbacks, such as a less detailed user manual and the need for separate AAA batteries for the remote control. Despite these minor inconveniences, the overall consensus is that the CURSOR FITNESS C5 Under Desk Elliptical is a valuable and efficient fitness tool. It stands out as an excellent option for those seeking a compact, space-saving, and effective means of staying active in the comfort of their home or office.


To sum up, the CURSOR FITNESS C5 Under Desk Elliptical offers an adaptable approach to easily adding exercise to everyday activities. It is the perfect tool for use at home or in the office because of its small size, 12 customizable speeds, and flexible training choices. With its novel “Active” and “Passive” modes, the workout experience may be customized to suit a wide range of preferences.

Customer reviews emphasize that the C5 is a good option for people with different degrees of fitness and recovery, even with a few small issues like a less informative handbook and the remote’s need for AAA batteries. Essentially, the C5 is evidence of CURSOR Fitness’ dedication to offer comfortable and reasonably priced workout equipment. It turns out to be a wise purchase for people managing hectic lives, providing a practical, efficient, and space-saving solution.

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