DD-home 110lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Free Weight Lifting Set Review

DD-home 110lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Lifting Set

DD-home Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Lifting Set

DD-home Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Lifting Set is a steel free weight set of dumbbells and barbells with a connecting rod and a total weight of 110 pounds or 50kg. It would be ideal for both men and women for their beginner or intermediate level resistance training sessions in the comfort of their homes.

You will find a few pairs of adjustable dumbbells or barbells for a fitness equipment combo: 4 x 11lb. plates, 4 x 5.5 lb plates, 6 x 2.75lb plates and 6 x 1.1lb plates. You’ll also find two dumbbell bars, two barbell bars and six collars. You can use it in any convenient spot at home, in your office or wherever and whenever you’d like. The dumbbell barbell weight lifting set has the chrome plated anti-slip handles that feel very firm and robust. The cast iron counterweight plate that is coated with paint makes the set quite durable.

With the star-shaped lock rings you can use on the dumbbell and barbell bars, you’ll get to change the weights easily. The rubber cover on the weight plates help prevent any damage to your floors. Good quality connectors included will turn dumbbells into barbells. As the connector handle is engraved with knurling you’ll have better grip and enhanced safety during your workout. This barbell dumbbell set is compatible with an inch of rotating lock dumbbell. The handle bar is upgraded on this brand new set, is resistant to falls and will help enhance your coordination and will help prevent muscle atrophy.

It is designed for great and easy resistance training sessions to help you build muscle mass and strength efficiently. The adjustable dumbbells and connectors make this set versatile and conveniently interchangeable. It is very easy to switch between different weights- barbells and dumbbells. You use the connector rod to turn the dumbbell to barbell for your lower and upper body workouts. And it will help you work on- strengthen and tone your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, chest and more. It is always a good idea to follow healthy eating plan to achieve good results faster.

DD-home Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Lifting Set 110 lb.

You can assemble and disassemble this weights set in just a few seconds. It is a compact weight lifting set when you put it in a storage box that is easy to store, as much as being easy to use. You will not need to own other dumbbells in your limited workout space in your home gym. You’ll get two 14-inch long dumbbell bars and two 30-inch barbell connecting rods with a hole diameter of an inch (2.5cm).

What stands out most on this weight lifting set is the super quick adjustment mechanism and the great flexibility and ease of use it offers. It is nice to have a variety of weights between 5 and 50 pounds. Please note that this is not for advanced body builders but more for beginners and pre-intermediate levels, for keeping fit at home especially during Covid days. In case of any problems or if you haven’t received certain parts you can contact the customer service through your Amazon product order page and they will offer you decent customer support.

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