DKLGG Indoor Stationary Upright Bike, 49 lb. Flywheel & Belt Drive Review

DKLGG Indoor Upright Bike, 49 lb. Flywheel & Belt Drive 

DKLGG Indoor Bike 49 lb. Flywheel

DKLGG Indoor Exercise Bike is a stationary cardiovascular fitness unit with a large 49-pound flywheel and belt drive for indoor home use. It has appeared only very recently at and has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 3 happy users at the moment. You have a high range of magnetic resistance levels on this upright bike and you can easily adjust it by turning the black/red knob, from very easy to the very challenging.

It has a heavy duty dull polish steel frame as part of its sturdy and stable structure overall and can carry a maximum total user weight of 330 pounds according to the seller. The anti-slip textured steel toe-caged pedals have the straps that are adjustable to accommodate different foot sizes. Your feet will stay in place thanks to these safeguard caged pedals. People with any size feet can use this bike comfortably thanks to its adjustable straps. It runs very smoothly and quietly with its belt drive and magnetic resistance without disturbing you, your neighbors or family.

DKLGG Indoor Bike does not have a foldable design but comes with the transportation wheels underneath to be moved around easily in your house. You won’t need to do any heavy lifting that could cause muscle strain when you want to move this bike, as you can just tilt and roll it out. There is a convenient bottle holder built into the frame, in the middle just below the tension knob for you to stay hydrated during your exercise session. You can comfortably do your very intense aerobic workouts on this bike that supports the high interval training and multiple position hand grips.

You have the standard indicators of current speed, time exercised, calories burned, distance traveled and Odometer on the multi-functional smart LCD display to help you monitor your fitness progress and get to your targets easier. The ergonomic leather padded seat is adjustable four-ways, up, down, forward and backward and the handlebar up and down. You’ll get the DKLGG Indoor Upright Bike 49 lb.assembly tools and instructions in the package and you can complete the task within 15 to 30 minutes easily, as it is just basic assembly.

There is almost no maintenance required for this bike except for keeping it clean. Please note that it is not suitable for spinning classes at the commercial gyms. This is a high quality product with a robust construction, caged pedals, magnetic resistance, 49 lb. flywheel and more. It will help people of different sizes and age to burn calories, lose weight or increase muscle strength. Please check the warranty with the seller at It is covered by the standard Amazon guarantee and you can return it by opening a return request through your order page. We think that it is pretty good value for the dollar.

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