Doufit EB-01 Stationary Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

Doufit Stationary Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike, EB-01 

doufit stationary exercise bike eb-01

Doufit EB-01 is a compact folding upright stationary exercise bike with the adjustable magnetic resistance for efficient cardiovascular workouts in the comfort of your home. It has a comfortable seat with back support and handles on both sides and a digital display.

The average customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 10 customers on the day of this product review. You can pay for the expert assembly (140 dollars at the time of this review) or put it together yourself with the help of a friend. But it is easy enough to assemble in about half an hour with the clear and easy to understand instructions and simple tools included in the package.

It comes with a sensitive digital display with the regular stats of virtual distance, speed, calories, time, total distance and heart rate as it has the pulse rate sensors on the NBR handlebars and the readings are accurate. You can adjust the magnetic resistance to 8 levels through the tension dial for different levels of intensity. The comfy seat can be adjusted to five levels and the pedal belt length to 7 levels, both for proper positioning during your workout session.

Both the seat and the backrest have the comfortable cushioning with very dense sponge and ergonomic design. They support your body nicely for a more natural and comfy exercise session. You can sit on the seat over longer sessions and burn more calories. You may switch between different resistance levels during your session to doufit eb-01 home bike lcd displayget better results from your session. It offers adequate amount of resistance and is not so hard at the highest levels. The bike can be folded conveniently for relocation and storage and moved it on its transport wheels at the bottom.

The small LCD display is easy to operate with a single button and will stay on the reading that you set and you touch it again to change it. Despite its compact size and lightweight it feels safe and stable. It runs quietly without disturbing other people, your music or videos. Due to the lack of very hard resistance at higher levels it may not be the best option for hardcore riders but is still pretty good. This would work well in your home gym and you can also use it for warming up prior to your weights training session. The company promises satisfactory customer support solutions and you can email them when you encounter any issues or have any questions. For the lower price point this is pretty good value for the dollar and we’re happy to recommend it.

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