Dr. Health Square Balance Vibration Machine

Dr. Health Square Balance Vibration Machine

Black and orange Dr. Health Vibration Machine is a modern unit with square balance, a unique design, double motors and user-friendly functions. It includes a decent remote controller so you can control the speed and turn it on and off while you’re standing on the textured anti-slip surface. It feels both comfortable and safe to use and feels effective even from the first time you get on it.

The powerful dual motors (500W + 500W) offer 99 different levels of speed so what you’ll experience will be as challenging as you wish. It can be conveniently relocated to a convenient place- under your bed, in your closet or anywhere you want with the orange moving wheel underneath. Otherwise, it weighs 40 pounds as a heavy-duty product with a sturdy construction and measures 31.9 x 17.7 x 6.7 inches- relatively compact.

Dr. Health Vibration Platform will imitate walking, jogging and running exercises depending on what part of the surface you step on, as displayed on the black rubber surface. It comes with a total of 8 pre-set programs. You can you use it in the H mode of triangular oscillation- left up and right down (P1, P2 and P3 buttons on the remote) and the L mode of side to side linear movement (P4 and P5 buttons). Then you have the T+ and T- and S+ and S- to increase and decrease the Time and Speed.

Dr. Health Square Balance Vibration Plate

Or you can jump to four different speeds with the quick speed buttons of 10, 30, 60 and 99 if you don’t want to move up gradually. The below Volume + and – and Previous and Next buttons are for the MP3 controller. On the side of the vibration platform, you have the Power Switch On and Off, USB port and MP3 and power interface.

It runs fairly quietly, actually with no noise other than the vibrations. You can use it every day of the week if you wish and ten minutes a day is adequate to get results and people actually report seeing results from the first day. It is a fairly heavy vibration platform and includes a large feet surface, feels premium, robust, safe and stable. You will feel the vibrations from head to feet and in all parts of your body.

When you press the Start button, you can press M instead of Speed + and choose L or H and then pick one of the L1-L3 or H1-H3, for one of the 8 pre-set programs. Then you press On, so the Auto program works. The time is set to 10 minutes with these auto programs and you do not have the option to change speed and time. It is nice to have the flexibility to choose your own speed, type of vibrations (linear and triangular) and time or to pick one of the 8 preset programs.

Dr. Health Vibration Platform is sent in the original factory package and you will find the Dr. Health Vibration Machine, two exercise bands, a remote controller, a user manual, a power cord and an MP3 line in it. Please do not use the vibration plates straight after eating and ask you health care professional before use if you think you have a relevant health condition. There is no assembly needed as it will be shipped assembled but please make sure you read the instructions manual. This is a decent, high-end product offered at a fair price.

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