Earthlite Caress Headrest Flex Rest 67807 Review

Earthlite Caress Headrest Flex-Rest 67807


Earthlite Caress Headrest Flex Rest (Model 67807) is engineered and designed to make your massage customers feel comfortable as it comes with a strata face pillow that supports nicely and fits anyone’s face shape and contours. And this will certainly improve what they experience from your massage, and helps it become really relaxing and soothing. The pressure points will go away and the sinus pressure will be diminished significantly. You will find that this is much more than a simple face pillow for massage, as it comes with different levels of adjustments and functionality. It weighs 3 pounds and measures 12.5 x 5 x 5 inches, and you can choose from different NaturSoft colors including burgundy, hunter, black, latte, sterling, mystic blue, amethyst, teal and vanilla creme.

The self-adjusting face cradle on the Earthlite Caress Headrest will balance, flex and pivot to mold itself and to adapt to customer’s unique shaped face in a cradle of comfort. As you may be aware of the company and the brand, EarthLite is an expert in different types of massage tables and supplies that are made in USA for massage experts for four decades both in the country and around the world. EarthLite’s strata memory foam and cloud-comfort cushioning are combined in a unique way and offer great support and comfort and the ecologically friendly NaturSoft upholstery that is free of PVC gives it a nice touch and is double stitched. The elastomeric (polymer with viscoelasticity) connective tissue with a patent pending, flexes with pressure and ensures the ideal pivot point is created for the customer’s comfort and they will find it to be rather cozy and comfy. Earthlite Headrest is designed with 8-inch dowels to be able to fit the Earthlite tables with 3/4 inch diameter outlet holes.

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