EFITMENT E006 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Review

EFITMENT E006 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Efitment E006 Elliptical Trainer

EFITMENT E006 is a modern elliptical trainer with magnetic resistance, that appeared in the list of hot new releases on Amazon.com only recently. This is the review for E006 model, not the E005 model which is quite similar with small design differences.

It comes with the heart rate grips on the stationary handles that are connected to the LCD display panel that displays calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, time, pulse rate and scan that moves through each of the indicators. You can put your smartphone into the area in front of the LCD panel and listen to songs or watch videos so you can have longer sessions without getting bored.

The pulse rate sensors are located on the fixed handles, not on the moving ones and will help you keep and eye on and maintain the heart rate you’re targeting. So you can be in the optimal fat-burning zone or have a proper cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. It has the typical 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can change via the knob in the middle. The oversized foot platforms are textured and anti-slip so you feel safe and in balance throughout your session.

This is a solid, belt driven, magnetic elliptical trainer with a decent 13-inch stride length. So you can enjoy the smooth and quiet workout for not only your lower body and legs but also your core section- abdominals and upper body, especially your arms and shoulders. And it offers a totally low impact workout, with much less impact on your knees and joints than say treadmills, running outdoors or regular bikes.

Efitment Ellitpical Machine E006

The advantage of using this elliptical is that you will reap all the benefits of jogging and running outdoors, working on your upper body at the same time and without any major negative impact on your joints. And you will do this while monitoring your speed and calorie expenditure as well as the other indicators accurately.

The black and silver Efitment E006 is a fairly heavy duty product that weighs 80.5 pounds with the measurements of 49.5 x 27.5 x 64 inches- will not take up much room. It is not foldable but you can tilt it and relocate it on its wheels and store it out of sight, without any strain on your muscles. The total user weight limit is specified as 220 pounds.

Both the E005 and E006 Ellipticals are very well made with great functionality and without the extra bells ad whistles that you may probably not need. What you have here are the longer 13-inch stride and a larger monitor that you may not have on other budget elliptical machines. These are budget models at a low price and will be shipped quickly, being US stock.

As long as you are not expecting the professional grade construction and fancy features, then you will be happy with both the E005 and E006 models of Efitment. They both look better than the competitor brand names that cost less than 200 dollars. The warranty offered is three years by the Los Angeles-based distributor that imports great fitness products from good manufacturers in China and Taiwan.

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