Efitment IC007 Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike Review

EFITMENT IC007 Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike

EFITMENT - IC007 indoor cycling bike

Efitment IC007 is a belt drive indoor bike with a good size- 22 lb. chrome flywheel for a smooth and quiet cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your house.

Absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced level people- younger or older can use it comfortably. As you may be already aware, the bigger and the heavier the flywheel, the better your ride will feel.

With that smoother and quieter experience, you will be able to stay on the bike longer every day and get better results. More calories will be burnt and your body will get into better shape faster. But you need to realize that you will not get the results you want unless you eat well overall- have a healthy eating plan. The seat is adjustable in four directions- forward and back, down and up to accommodate your height.

There is a small digital LCD-backlit display with a simple design and a single blue button underneath. It shows speed, calories, distance and time for you to monitor your workout progress comfortably and stay motivated. You also have the Scan option that shows these four stats one by one automatically every 9 seconds. So you do not need to press the blue button to change them. What is missing here is the heart rate indicator as this is more of a no-thrills type of bike with a sturdy steel construction.

Indoor Cycle Bike, Belt Drive Cycling Trainer Exercise Bike by EFITMENT - IC007

You will find the Felt Pad resistance knob with a simple twist in the middle and you can change the level of difficulty, to what you can handle at the time. It is a good idea to start slow and move up gradually, but also to vary the resistance levels throughout your session. So you can make it as challenging or as easy as you want, whether you wish to burn fat or build stamina and endurance.

Efitment IC007 weighs 62.5 pounds with a user weight capacity of 220 pounds and measures 41.3 x 48.5 x 23.5 inches with an inseam height between 27 and 32 inches. It doesn’t have a folding design but includes the wheels at the front as you can see in the photo, for easily relocating and storing.

This is a belt driven bike so you do not have to suffer a noisy chain and no need to do regular maintenance. It has a good size anti-slip textured pedals that are caged for you to feel safe and stable. Efitment IC007 is a sturdy, durable and reliable product with a solid steel frame and a heavy-duty crank and is designed to last a long time without much maintenance. This is a reliable, solid, functional product at an affordable price.

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