EFITMENT IC014 Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike Review

EFITMENT IC014 Belt Drive Exercise Bike

EFITMENT IC014 indoor exercise bike

EFITMENT IC014 is a sturdy and functional indoor exercise bike with a premium look and feel, for indoor home use, and not commercial gym use. It has a large 40 pounds flywheel and a belt drive to help you ride smoothly, quietly and comfortably.

On its vertical shaped LCD display you can see your distance, rpm, calories, speed, time and pulse rate. You also have the Set, Reset, Recovery and Mode buttons. In the Scan mode where you see the icon on the screen, each of the indicators will be shown one after the other for six seconds: Speed/Average Speed/Max Speed, Calories/RPM, Pulse/Avg Pulse/Max Pulse.

The heart rate sensors are found on both handles and what appears on the display is accurate. You can set targets, monitor your progress while you’re working out and keep motivated to reach your these goals. It runs quietly and you can read a book, listen to songs or watch a show while you’re riding it.

You can adjust the seat in both directions- horizontally and vertically (down, up, backward and forward) depending on your height and how you feel comfy. The inseam height is between the minimum of 27.4 inches and the maximum of 38.3 inches. You can also adjust the handles up and down.

It weighs 108.5 pounds and measures 54 x 20 x 48 inches. It has a sturdy steel frame and can carry a maximum user weight up to 300 pounds. There will be no wobbling when you’re riding the bike thanks to the back and front levelers on each foot. The toe caged pedals will help keep your feet safe and in place.

EFITMENT IC014 belt driven indoor bike

As you progress with your workout you can adjust the resistance through the red tension knob. We recommend that you vary the level of resistance to burn extra calories and get better results. By increased resistance your heart rate will go up and you will be burning calories, losing weight and getting in shape quicker.

You can also stop the bike immediately by pushing down on the resistance knob, which acts like an emergency brake. There are heavy duty, tall and narrow rubber transportation wheels underneath, so you can move the bike easily on carpet and hard floors. You can get it out of the way easily, especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your living area.

If you’re a newbie that is just starting out with an exercise program or if you are suffering from any joint problems, the Efitment IC014 can offer you a good starter. And it is also suitable for those that want to warm up before their main workout or those at an advanced level that wants a challenging cardio session.

Please refer to the user manual for the correct assembly instructions, operation and maintenance. If you think you have a related health condition, you need to consult your health care professional before starting with an exercise program. The Efitment IC04 is not really designed for therapeutic purposes.

Please use it on a flat surface and make sure you have a protective cover on your floor. You can turn on the LCD display by pressing one of the buttons and it will start calculating your stats as soon as you start pedaling. You just need to press Mode to change the function displayed on the screen. The display will be turned off automatically if no activity for 4 minutes and your last data will be kept.

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