Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer with Magnetic Flywheel & Seat Review

Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer

Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer

White Elevtab Elliptical Trainer is a hot new release cardiovascular fitness machine with magnetic flywheel, 8 resistance levels, a bike seat, a smart digital LCD display, and pulse rate sensors on fixed handles for home use. With the bi-directional 15 lb. plating steel magnetic flywheel and 7-slot belt drive it works smoothly and quietly.

You’ll experience smooth resistance both forward and in the reverse direction and with the 7-slot wear-resistant design there is very little contact between the belt and the belt pulley for reducing wear efficiently. The sound you’ll hear from this elliptical is less than 40 decibels and it will not disturb you or people in the house. It has the large foot pedals with the anti-slip grain to increase the friction. You can have a more comfy workout with the large 13-inch strides with these pedals and less wear and burden on your knees and joints.

The large and comfy saddle can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate different users. The middle fixed handles with pulse sensors spin 120 degrees for heart rate monitoring. The large LCD display has the regular stats of calories burned, current speed, distance traveled, time exercised, mileage (ODOmeter), Scan to move between each stat automatically and heart rate connected to the pulses sensors on the fixed handles. You have the 8 real levels of adjustable magnetic resistance from a very easy to more challenging workout.

With an elliptical trainer such as this Elevtab you have pretty much the same or similar intensity and calorie burn in the same amount of time and the burden on knees and joints is significantly reduced thanks to the low impact workout offered. It is a nice and robust elliptical trainer that works as promised and lets you exercise, Elevtab Elliptical Trainer Magnetic Flywheelburn calories, lose weight and get in shape in the comfort of your home. It is suitable for use by people of all ages. The maximum total user weight capacity is 280 pounds on this home elliptical.

You can relocate it by lifting one side up and moving it to wherever you want in the house. In the package you’ll get the elliptical trainer, anti-slip mat, extra phone/tablet holder, assembly tools and instructions. The elliptical bike is shipped unassembled, is easy to put together and there is an option for an expert assembly at 120 dollars extra at the time of this review. Please check out the Amazon product page for seeing what’s included with this assembly. You can email or call the customer service team for any queries you have. Elevtab Elliptical Trainer is a good quality bike with a sturdy construction and user-friendly features at an affordable price.

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