Emer Mini Deluxe Gravity Inversion Therapy Table EMERMI-02N Review

Emer Mini Deluxe Inversion Table via Amazon

Emer Mini Deluxe Gravity Inversion Therapy Table EMERMI-02N

Emer Mini Deluxe EMERMI-02N is a smaller and functional gravity inversion table for therapy and pain release purposes with features like foldable design, lumbar support and comfy black and yellow wide leather backrest and a solid heavy duty build to make you feel safe and stable while you’re on it despite its more compact size than the other Emer Deluxe inversion tables. Black and yellow on silver frame Emer Mini has a pretty decent weight capacity of 300 pounds on its heavy duty tubing despite its measurements of 45.5 x 27 x 5.9 inches, has a solid and sturdy build as well as very long security handles to help you return from the upright position easily and comfortably, which is also helped with the large S-shaped backrest. Your ankles will stay put in place during the inversion thanks to the ankle cushions and foam rollers and the unit will stay in its place and not slip with the hard anti-slip rubber floor stabilizers. Despite Emer Mini‘s compact size you will experience and benefit from all those larger inversion tables can offer, while taking up less space and will be easier to be transported. If you are pregnant, weigh over 300 pounds and have any health problems like bone issues or ear infection you should be careful with inversion tables and it is alwasy best to consult your doctor or health professional.

Emer Mini Deluxe Gravity Inversion Therapy TablePossible benefits include back pain relief (sometimes eliminating the need for back pain surgery), relief from pressure on spine, herniated disc pain relief, sciatic nerve pain relief, easing cervical spinal stenosis, correcting scoliosis, easing fibromyalgia symptoms, improving blood circulation, clearing sinuses, improving lung function, helping you breathe easier, aiding digestion, boosting immune system, enhancing flexibility, strengthening ligaments, improving sleep quality, regaining height, lowered stress and more but these are certainly potential benefits and is best if you do your own research and evaluation. This is a fairly new product so we don’t have a lot of customer feedback or reviews but it looks like a decent product for the price that is functional, stable and easy to use and although it may take a bit of time to get used to if you haven’t used one of these before, there are a lot of testimonials online especially from people that suffer from back pain. With any health related products for therapy reasons, it may be wise to ask your doctor prior to use.  *Zhejiang Meier Fitness Equipment Co. Ltd is based in Yongkang City, China and as an export oriented company, specialises in indoor fitness equipment with about 19 years of designing and manufacturing great innovative products that hold European and other global quality certifications.

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