Enweonga Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Pull Up Chin Up Bar Review

Enweonga Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Pull Up Chin Up Bar

Enweonga Adjustable Multi-Grip Pull Up Chin Up Bar

Enweonga Multi-Grip Pull Up Chin Up Bar is a sturdy, durable, stable and adjustable, wall hanging type indoor fitness equipment with a total of six anti-slip handles. It is a great chin-up and pull-up bar that offers different training options to work out in the comfort of your home.

You will find comfortable grip pads on the poles to help you hold it firmly and to reduce the friction on your hands when you’re working out. It is suitable for people of all ages and at different fitness levels as long as the total weight is not more than 300kg or roughly 660 pounds. You can use one of the eyelets for putting the power ropes, TRX strap or a punching bag. It is a great unit for doing your back exercises and pull ups.

This compact wall mounted bar station with a great ergonomic design has a good size dip sitation too for performing your tricep dips. This is not like one of the door frame type pull-up bars that can be limiting in terms of weight and how much you can do. It offers a strong, stable and permanent structure. It is good for the whole body but specifically the entire upper body and core section as you do your push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, knee raises, squats and dips. You can feel totally safe and stable on this very robust wall-mounted pull-up chin-up bar for your triceps, biceps, abs and deltoids.

Adjustable Multi-Grip Pull Up Chin Up Bar 6 Handles

You can set it up very quickly and easily with the mounting tools and instructions included. It is a commercial grade chin-up pull-up bar with an ergonomic design that will help decrease any strain on your body, joints or muscles. You can feel safe and comfortable on it and be able to burn more calories and fat and strengthen and tone the different muscles more efficiently. The nicely padded foam grips will help decrease any strain on your hands and potential fatigue. There won’t be any slipping because of sweating.

Please check everything is placed and screwed on properly before first starting to use it, so that you don’t encounter any problems with the loose parts that can potentially cause accidents. For example you need to make sure your hand moves in the same direction as the center hold tightening. Please do not let your kids use it without being supervised by you. You’re welcome to contact the seller via email or the link on the Amazon order page if you need any assistance about the product. It is a good value home gym strength training product overall that offers stability, durability, functionality, ergonomics and user-friendliness at a fair price. We are happy to recommend it, at least as a good option among the wall-mounted pull up bars at Amazon.com.

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