ER KANG Multi-Function 600 lb. Barbell Rack, Dip Stand & Squat Rack Review

ER KANG Multi-Function Barbell Rack

ER KANG Multi-Function Barbell Rack, 600LBS

ER KANG Multi-Function Barbell Rack has a stable square steel tube design for a 600-pound total capacity. It is made up of an adjustable dip stand and a squat rack for you to do your bench presses, squats, dips etc.

Er Kang Barbell Rack is a very recent release home gym fitness equipment with an average user rating of 5 out of 5 stars by two users at the time of this product review. Er Kang has some good quality fitness products on the market and they offer decent after-sale customer service if you have any questions or problems.

A very long 20-inch protection rod is located on the front of each stand and you can have a peace of mind when you’re lifting heavy weights. The barbell rack has rubber on top to help decrease any impact from the barbells and to make it less noisy. It will also give your barbell rack longevity and durability. The main frame being built with a 2 x 2 inches size robust steel it can carry a total maximum weight of 600 pounds.

ER KANG Multi-Function Barbell Rack has a T-shaped design below the protective rod and a triangular structure for a more stable and sturdy support. And you can feel totally safe when you’re lifting the weights. It is adjustable for height and width, with the 12 levels bracket height range of 36 to 57 inches, an 8 levels of base width range between 31.5 and 45 inches and 8 levels protection rod height range of 23.6 and 38.2 inches for your different workout needs.

This sturdy heavy-duty barbell rack weighs about 52.8 pounds and is compact in size overall. It is a rather versatile strength training fitness equipment that lets you do squats, dips, dead lifts, bench presses and more. It has an innovative multi-functional design with a very strong base and dip bars and a very long 20″ ER KANG Multi-Function Barbell Rackprotection rod. It is easy to install with the instructions of assembly and the tools in the box. You don’t need to do any mounting on the floor and you can just put it on a thin carpet.

It is compact but you’ll easily be able to fit an Olympic bar. Please make sure you do your warm-up exercises before you use the Er Kang barbell rack for lifting weights. This way you will prevent any potential injuries during your workout and you will actually get better results overall. If you’re creating a home gym for yourself because of the pandemic we are happy to recommend this solid barbell rack. The best thing about it is the lower price point for its build quality and functionality. You will be impressed by its sturdy construction and stable feel.

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