Exerpeutic 260 Aero Air Elliptical and Exercise Mat Review

Exerpeutic 260 Aero Air Elliptical and Exercise Mat

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical 260 and Exercise Mat

Exerpeutic 260 Air is an entry level, popular and best selling elliptical bike with a natural elliptical motion that helps reduce stress, strain, and impact on the users’ muscles, hips, ankles, and joints- offering a “zero impact” experience. You will not only be burning calories and fat but also strengthening and toning both your lower body- calves, thighs and legs all over and upper body- arms and shoulders with the comfy to hold nicely dual arms with nice padding, so you have a great whole body workout, whether you want to lose weight or warm up before lifting some serious weight with your dumbbells. There will be no bouncy movements that you may have seen on some other ellipticals, thanks to the special “natural elliptical motion” that works both ways, so you can stride both forward and backward to work different muscle groups. It includes an easy dial resistance with plus and minus signs to adjust for a more difficult or easier workout (but not very challenging even at the highest setting).

As an entry level but a solid unit the Exerpeutic 260 Air has a user weight capacity of 220 pounds, weighs 51 pounds and 33 x 19 x 46 inches as assembled (easy to put together)- has a compact and space saving design and a small footprint thanks to its vertical position if you are short on space, has transportation wheels underneath and can be relocated easily. And the included black Fitness Reality exercise mat measures 79 x 35.4 x 24 inches, can be folded and stored away and can be cleaned easily. The mat is made of solid PVC materials and designed for protecting different types of floors from scratches and other damage and you can also use it as a comfy exercise mat for doing exercises like sit-ups and push-ups. It will also help reduce any noise or vibrations that may potentially occur- the Exerpeutic 260 Aero Air is not very quiet according to a couple of customers (and others say it is very quiet) and the mat will help reduce it and you can listen to music or watch TV. The LCD display is easy to read and shows the calories, time, speed and distance indicators. 

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical and Exercise Mat

Pedals are large and have an integrated rib design so there will be no slipping when you’re working out- slides or strides are between 10 and 15 inches. However, you may feel a little tilted forward at an angle and may feel weird at first but you get used to it in no time. You may or may not like the leaning forward structure of the pedals, you may either add something on the pedals or simply install the handles facing towards your body, someone complained about the pedals not having straps but ellipticals don’t often include straps as you are standing on it rather than sitting down. It has a robust enough build quality, especially for the low price level concerned but it is designed more as a light workout unit or something you would warm up on if you are at an advanced fitness level. We like that it is easy to assemble, is easy on knees and joints, is relatively quiet, gives a good upper and lower body workout (and involves the core section as well) and will make you sweat in 5-10 minutes (also depending on ambiance temperature). This is a low price elliptical by a company and a brand name that we trust and if you don’t want to spend a lot you will do well by this simple unit.

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