FaaFuu Indoor Stationary Bike with Magnetic Resistance & 35lb. Flywheel Review  

FaaFuu Indoor Magnetic Bike w/ 35lb. Flywheel

FaaFuu Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike 35lb.

FaaFuu Indoor Stationary Bike is a robust and stable, professional grade cardio equipment for home use, with a large 35-pound flywheel, belt drive, magnetic resistance, a smart LCD-backlit monitor, a tablet holder, heart rate indicator, 4way adjustable comfortable seat and more.

FaaFuu Indoor Spin Bike weighs 55 pounds and measures 42.1L x 20.7W x 46.5H inches as assembled. You have the two color options of red and blue at the same price at the moment. The total recommended user weight is 330 pounds on its heavy duty steel frame with a triangular structure and you can feel safe and stable on it as long as you do not go over the specified weight limit. The stability of this bike is guaranteed by the heavy duty steel frame and the large flywheel. You can also ride it in a standing position as well as seated.

It works very smoothly and quietly thanks to the belt drive, a large 35lb. flywheel and magnetic resistance system. The belt drive is certainly better than a chain driven bike, in terms of easier maintenance and a smoother and a quieter operation. You will not be disturbing the people in your house, babies sleeping or your neighbors downstairs. The bike is kept stable even during the tough workouts thanks to the 35-pound flywheel and you will not feel any jolting during your riding session. And the pure wool brake pad friction doesn’t make any noise. You’ll get an additional brake pad in the box for easy replacement.

The smart multifunctional LCD display helps you track your fitness data by showing you the distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, calories burned and pulse rate through the handlebar sensors. You will try and stay in your target heart rate zone, adjust your workout plan and achieve the results you wish faster. The tablet bracket can accommodate your mobile devices- smartphone or iPad for a bit of entertainment during your exercise session. The LCD display is battery powered and you do not need to keep this bike near a power outlet. So you have the flexibility in terms of location.

FaaFuu Indoor Bike Features

The 4-way adjustable wide seat and the 2-way adjustable handlebar are good for users at different heights and to make you feel more comfortable. You can adjust them according to your workout. The steel toe cage pedals have adjustable straps and will be good for different feet sizes. You can also adjust the resistance to infinite levels by simply turning the knob, increasing or decreasing it to the level you want. And you can press the same tension knob when you need to stop immediately but safely.

You can also ride this bike in a standing position as well as seated.  The upward angle of the handlebar is 18 degrees. The non-stop infinite levels of resistance can be adjusted to simulate the real road cycling experience. You can just tilt and roll it out of the way on its double transport wheels without needing to do any heavy lifting, putting a burden on your body or muscles. The bike is shipped mostly assembled and it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to complete the task. The average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 2 customers on the day of this post release and it first became available at Amazon.com very recently on May 21, 2021.

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