FabFit Indoor Spin Bike Cycle Trainer Review

FabFit Indoor Spin Bike Cycle Trainer 

Fabfit Indoor Spin Bike Cycle Trainer Cycling Bike

FabFit Indoor Spin Bike is an early 2017 release cycle trainer with an LCD display and shock absorbing seat for indoor home use rather than fitness center or gym use. It is offered in two color options of black/blue and white/orange and whichever you choose it looks sleek and contemporary like a much more expensive spin bike. The LED display with a simple design is easy to read and understand and shows the usual indicators of calories burned, current speed, distance traveled, pulse rate via the sensors on handles. It has a large leather-padded seat that is ergonomically designed, feels comfortable and makes it easy to work out on for longer periods and can be adjusted up and down and forward and back conveniently.

The handlebars and pedals are also adjustable and you can customize it all to your liking, your body structure, and height. It has a very robust construction of solid steel and no squeaky sounds as you can probably tell from the photos too so it will last many years of daily use. And you will enjoy a very smooth and quiet ride consistently thanks to the car strength drive and chain mechanism and a solid 40-pound flywheel. It will help protect your lower back and spine with the shock absorbing seat and handles. Although it is designed for indoor home use it should satisfy those that use it to warm up prior to their heavy weights training or even the advanced trainers with the great performance it offers but is not for commercial use. It is very easy to wheel it in and around your house so you can take it to a convenient corner when you’re done with your daily cycling session and bring it back into your living room or home gym easily the next day.

Fabfit Indoor Spin Bike Cycle Trainer

It is actually much harder to ride a bike inside than outside as you will be pushing to your hardest to your resistance and it would not be possible to do it outdoors as you will be limited by the roads, obstacles or speed limits so you may want to prefer shorter but harder workouts than the slower and longer sessions. You will definitely get better results and build your cardio energy system but as I always say it, what works best for me is acting according to what my body can handle on the day and go between harder and easier with varying degrees of resistance and speed. If you don’t want to spend several hundred or thousands on a pro level indoor spin bike then you can certainly consider this FabFit Indoor Cycle Trainer that is designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It doesn’t include the fancy digital features but is a solid and sturdy unit that is easy to assemble and will get the job done whether you want to do your daily light exercise or warm up before your weights training without having to pay too much, and it offers great value for money.

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