FBSPORT Adjustable Weight Bench with 1000lb. Dynamic Capacity and Resistance Bands Review

FBSPORT Adjustable 1000lb. Weight Bench

FBSport Adjustable Weight Bench

FBSPORT Adjustable Weight Bench is a robust and durable, foldable flat incline decline- FID resistance training whole body workout bench with 1000 pounds of dynamic weight capacity and 6 positions for home gym use. It comes with the two detachable resistance bands to add a bit more variety to your workout. 

There is a single 5-star rating at the time of this product review for this weight bench that was first available at Amazon.com on 19 August, 2021. It is currently ranked the 25th best selling strength training weight bench. This Flat Incline Decline Bench can be conveniently used at different angles as you can adjust the back to 6 positions of 100, 119, 131, 144, 159 and 178 degrees and the seat to 3 positions of 0, 10 and 17 degrees and you have the 3 positions on the foot pad.

It has the heavy duty thickened steel pipes with powder coating and a triangular structure for supporting your intense workouts with its 1000lb. dynamic and 660lb. static weight capacity. And you can feel safe and stable on it during your sessions as there won’t be any shaking or wobbling. It also has an ergonomic design with the very dense 2-inch thick foam padding on the 12.2-inch backrest and seat that is air permeable and very elastic. And you get a cushion included with your purchase. You can move the cushion up and down the backrest for supporting your head or back and they both feel soft and comfortable.

FBSPORT Strength Training Weight Bench

The two resistance bands included can be attached to the front leg as you see in the product photos and can help you with your warming up before your session and also add some more variety in terms of the number of exercises you can do with this bench. The conveniently adjustable 6 back, 3 seat and 3 foot positions are great for a whole body workout and targeting muscles at different angles. It is easy to adjust the pin when you want to train at a different angle and will lock automatically.

Mint green FBSPORT Weight Bench weighs 12kg and measures 58L x 15W x 46H inches. It can be folded easily and moved to a convenient place in your house. The folded measurements are 34.68L x 14.48W x 9.17H inches and will occupy just 0.2 of space. You can put it against a wall, in your closet, under your bed or in the garage or basement. The anti-slip foot covers are safe and will not damage your floors. There is no assembly required prior to use and you can get it ready in just 10-15 seconds. It is a fairly versatile resistance training equipment that can also be used for aerobic and cross training workouts apart from weight lifting- presses, curls, flies etc for your arms, shoulder and pecs that will help improve your endurance, strength and size of muscles.

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