FDW Elliptical Trainer with 8 Resistance Levels & 242lb. Weight Capacity Review

FDW Elliptical Training Machine

fdw elliptical trainer

FDW Elliptical Trainer is a hot new release cardio fitness equipment with a digital LCD display, 8 levels of resistance and a robust construction for a maximum user weight capacity of 242 pounds. It appeared at Amazon.com fairly recently on March 1, 2021 and we don’t have many customer reviews at the moment.

It can help you burn calories and fat, strengthen your different muscles, lose weight, relax after a long day at work, feel less stressed and healthy overall. FDW Elliptical Trainer is mainly a cardiovascular or aerobic workout machine that will also work as a strength training unit at the higher resistance levels that you may adjust via the tension dial. The multi-functional LCD-backlit digital display shows your distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, time exercised, pulse rate and scan.

It is a big elliptical trainer with an upright design weighs 58.6 pounds and measures 32.9 x 26.2 x 55.5 inches. It is not foldable but includes the roller wheels under it to be relocated and stored in a convenient place in your house. You can feel safe and stable on this bike with a solid steel frame and by holding the anti-slip moving handles and stepping on the large pedals with a textured pedals. It comes with a decent 7.5lb (3kg) flywheel for a good amount of resistance to get the results you want, burning calories and fat at the lower levels or toning and strengthening muscles at the higher levels.

fdw elliptical trainer machine

It has the pulse pads on the fixed handles in the middle for an accurate heart rate reading and to help you stay in your target heart rate zone. There is a tablet holder just below the LCD screen and you can place your smartphone or tablet for watching fitness and other videos, checking your social media or emails, listen to songs and get to exercise longer by the entertainment and distraction and burn more calories.

By holding the fixed handles in the middle you will concentrate your workout on your legs and core section and by holding the moving handles you will get your upper body involved at the same time for a nice whole body workout. FDW Elliptical Trainer is quite a sturdy and durable fitness equipment with a solid frame and you need to assemble it by following the instructions using the simple tools provided. The instructions given are not the best but once you complete the task you’ll be pleased with what you have. It is good for use by the people of different ages at different fitness levels. It can be a warm-up tool before your weights training session or your main cardio working equipment for getting and staying fit.

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