FDW Stationary Indoor Cardio Bike Review

FDW Stationary Indoor Cardio Bike

FDW indoor exercise bike

Here is a recent release imported but US stock, solid and functional, brand new design indoor stationary exercise bike by FDW. It is ideal for those that do not want to pay expensive gym membership fees or don’t want to get out each time they want to exercise.

FDW Bike is good for proper cardiovascular exercise sessions in the comfort of your home, to help you lose weight, get and keep in shape and tone your lower body and abdominal muscles. With any exercise program in the world, you do need to have a healthy eating plan and eat well.

Black, red and white FDW Indoor Bike weighs 53.9 pounds as a heavy duty exercise bike with a robust and durable steel frame, a total max user weight capacity of 330 pounds and measures 43.7 x 18.31 x 43.31 inches as assembled. It doesn’t have a foldaway design but includes small but functional transportation wheels at the front for easier relocation and storage purposes.

You’ll see a resistance knob with – and + signs that you can adjust in the middle that is connected to the efficient 22-pound flywheel. You can turn the knob to keep the intensity of your workout in control and simply press it to brake. There is a bottle water holder, as well as a complimentary red metal bottle in the middle and you, don’t have to pause your session and get off your seat to have some water and you can keep hydrated throughout your workout.

FDW spinning indoor stationary bike

The regular design white and black LCD display panel shows the distance, time exercised, calories burned, current speed, time and heart rate via the hand pulse sensors on both handles. There is also the Scan function if you want to see all these regular stats one by one without pressing anything manually.

You will enjoy a smooth and quiet exercise session on this one thanks to the chain drive mechanism without disturbing anyone in the house, neighbors or yourself. You’ll find that if you listen to music or watch a TV show or music videos you’ll lose track of time and end up exercising a lot longer. This is a good thing as you will end up burning more calories and achieve your fitness targets faster.

The black and red very comfy PU sports saddle is adjustable both vertically and horizontally and so are the cushioned handles but only vertically. Both the handles and the seat seem to be comfortable for your longer rides. In the package, you will find the FDW Indoor Bike, a red sports water bottle, LCD display, instructions manual and a small set of tools for assembly. Overall it is a good indoor bike with user-friendly features at a reasonable budget price.

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