Feierdun Adjustable Folding Upright Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike Review

Feierdun Folding Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

Feierdun Adjustable Folding Upright Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike

Gray Feierdun Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is designed for helping you burn more calories, losing fat and weight and stay fit in the comfort of your home. It scores 4.4 / 5 stars out of 71 customer ratings as a rather popular and one of the better selling compact bikes on Amazon.com.

Feierdun Magnetic Bike has an easily adjustable and foldable design with wheels at the base for easy transportation and convenient storage especially for those short on space. You can adjust the contoured saddle for height easily to accommodate people between the heights of 5’1” and 6’. It is a compact unit with a simplistic design and very easy to put together in less than half an hour. Because it is mostly assembled except for putting the main parts together.

The good size LED display is easy to read and tracks the indicators of distance, time, speed and calories. There is a tablet holder (multi-function stand) for you to put your tablet, laptop or smartphone and check your emails, watch videos or listen to music. So you don’t have a boring workout and can go for longer and burn more calories and fat. The aerodynamic healthcare technology used on this bike lets air breathe through the fabric on the seat and it will be cool even after hours of use.

But some of you may want to get a seat cushion for longer exercise sessions. You can pedal it quietly and smoothly thanksFeierdun Adjustable Folding Upright Magnetic Stationary Bike to the solid and durable V-Belt drive and precision balanced high-velocity flywheel. So you can listen to your music or watch your movies without any noise interruption. It has the magnetic resistance control system for you to adjust the level of difficulty via the tension knob in the center.

And it is a good idea to move it up and down to be able to achieve better results. Despite being lightweight (shipping weight of 47.2 pounds) and compact, it is quite well-constructed and durable for long life even in everyday use unless exposed to the constant rough treatment. The pedals come with the integrated straps for your comfort and security keeping your feet in place.

The comfortable backrest is good for those with any back issues as they can just lean back and keep their backs safe rather than forward. The LED display runs on two AAA batteries but is reported to use them up quicker than normal (according to a customer). You shouldn’t have the expectations of the performance of a bike that would cost a few times more from this inexpensive bike. But it looks good, is built with good quality materials and components, is functional and does the job well offering you a good way to keep in shape. Despite the small cons it seems to offer great value for money overall!

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