Feierdun Heavy Workout Utility Weight Bench with 882 lb. Capacity Review

Feierdun Heavy Workout Utility Weight Bench 

Heavy Workout Utility Weight Bench - 882 lbs Capacity, FEIERDUN

Feierdun Weight Bench is a heavy-duty, wide and thick utility workout bench with an impressive 882 lb. total weight capacity, for light commercial- gym and home gym use. The bench is conveniently adjustable with a total of five back positions. So you can lift your weights or do different exercises at different flat, decline and incline positions.

And the seat can be adjusted to three different positions for your comfort. It has a 2.5-inch thick and dense foam padding covered with solid textured vinyl to support your back and your body during your weight lifting sessions. So you can feel both comfortable and safe on the bench. You can lift your dumbbells and barbells comfortably and work on your different upper body muscles as well as your core- abdominals.

The shipping weight for the whole thing is 14.8 pounds and in the box, you will find the solid weight bench, and the instructions manual. It has a foldable design as you see in the photos, is easy to fold up for quick storage and takes up 15 inches of space. You will need to do a quick minor assembly as it is shipped mostly assembled. The set-up of should not take more than a few minutes according to the manufacturer and a couple of customers.

Heavy Workout Utility Weight Bench - 882 lbs

You need to make sure that you tighten the nuts and bolts properly, so the unit feels solid and stable even on thick carpets, without anything feeling loose. The exercise mat is not included in the package but will help protect your floors from damage if you choose to get it. You will see it offered on the Amazon product page.

The total weight limit of 882 pounds is quite a lot, which is roughly equal to 40 x 22 lb. of bars. You can target different angles of your chest, shoulder, back, and muscles by adjusting the back and the seat. To work on different parts of your abs you can comfortably do sit-ups on it. It is rather comfortable with the thick foam padding but you can also make it more comfy with the extra cushioning.

It has an ergonomic design and includes proper head, waist, neck and back protection on the thick cushion backrest that can be adjusted to five positions. Feierdun Weight Bench is a solid and durable product with a 50 x 50mm thick support pipe- steel frame so you don’t have to worry about how stable it is. The seat measures 16.73 x 10.24 inches and the backrest is 31.5 x 10.24 inches. In the flat position, it is 18.35 inches high off the floor and is 60.55 inches long. This is a very good quality weight bench that does the job very well. And with different adjustable positions on the seat and the back, it gives you quite a bit of flexibility.

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