FISUP Foldable Electric Treadmill w/ Manual Incline Review

FISUP Foldable Electric Treadmill 

FISUP Foldable Electric Treadmill

FISUP Foldable Electric Treadmill is a hot new release running and jogging fitness machine for home use with a 2.5 horsepower motor, a smart LCD display panel, Bluetooth feature and manual incline.

The treadmill is sent assembled from a warehouse within the US and no installation is needed except for putting on a few screws. You can start using it pretty much straight out of the box. It can be used at home, office, dorms and by different people every day. But it just would not be suitable for commercial gym settings despite its robust build.

It is solid and durable enough for use by different family members at home but just not for use by tens of people at the gyms. It has a total user weight capacity of 264 pounds, measures 60.9 x 29.13 x 50.98 inches with a 47.24″ x 16.93″ of exercise surface and 15.47 x 29.13 x 60.78 inches as folded. It is compact with a small footprint, portable and quickly foldable as part of its space saving design. The convenient transportation wheels at the front will let you move it easily between the rooms in your house.

The all touchscreen blue LCD-backlit display has a nice tactile sense and shows the calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised and calories burned. You’ll find the speed settings and different workout programs on the touch display panel. With the MP3 interface and Bluetooth function you can pair the smart workout app on your smartphone and the treadmill. You can view the same stats and monitor your progress directly on your phone. There is a tablet holder where you can put your smartphone or tablet for a bit of distraction or entertainment.

It has a powerful 2.5HP pure copper motor and the treadmill still runs quietly with an anti-static and anti-skid running belt. You can jog and run at up to a max speed of 9.2 mph. It is a great foldable treadmill with incline that makes the exercise- walking, jogging, running or interval training safe and easy. Fisup brand was created in 2018 by FISUP Foldable Electric Treadmill LCD DisplayJacoba Chan, who is a fitness professional and her dad Adam Chan with more than 15 years of experience of owning a fitness equipment manufacturing firm.

They select the equipment parts very carefully and paying attention to every little detail during the production. The products are tested and inspected thoroughly before going out on the market. You can feel confident that it meets the US standards of quality. They offer great after-sales support in the long run. It comes with a parts warranty for one year and the permanent replacement of parts and you can have a peace of mind when you’re purchasing this modern treadmill. You can ask a question on the Amazon product page or contact the seller via the order page in case you have any queries.

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