Fitaboo Wooden Balance Board – PRO Wobble Board Review

Fitaboo Pro Wooden Balance Board via Amazon

Fitaboo Wooden Balance Board - PRO Wobble Board

Fitaboo Pro is a 15.75 inch diameter natural wood balance board as a great new balance trainer for a variety of purposes- for physio, rehab, physical therapy and exercise. As a decent wobble board it helps you enhance your strength, coordination and balance, to exercise a great range of motion while strengthening your core muscles and will help you avoid any ankle injuries according to some studies out there. This kind of training is not a new thing as it has been used by many athletes and physio specialists for tens of years for treating different type of injuries including shin, ankle, knee, calf, trunk and hip and this Fitaboo looks like it can help you heaps if you’re suffering from any of these injuries. It is ideal for people of all ages, younger or senior, men or women and by improving your balance, it will make your core- abdominals stronger and your balance muscles, which becomes more important as you get older. It shouldn’t take you too long to get used to but when it is your first time on such a unit, will be a good idea to hold on to a wall or a spotter till you feel good about the whole thing. It can be made a great addition of your exercise routine as a great tool to improve your motor coordination, core and total body strength and overall fitness levels while developing balance to affect your biomechanics.

Fitaboo PRO Wooden Balance Board Wobble Board

Fitaboo Pro is suitable for use at gym, home or your office as you can easily put it as a foot rest under your desk when you’re working. This is not one of those very challenging balance boards with spherical bottoms but more of an intermediate level solid board that will help target all your muscles throughout your body as a durable, suitable and lightweight unit. The way you do is you stand on the wooden board with your two feet and you tilt in any direction you want without tilting too much that the edge touches the ground. Flat spot is common to other balance boards on the market and there is none on this one. As a great intermediate level fitness tool it is good for agility training and you can do the balanced push ups, squats, sit ups, push ups and standing on the board with one foot off the ground. This is a great quality, solid, rigid and stable 15.75 inch diameter balance board with a .75 inch thick wood that can support user weight of up to 300 pounds so it is nothing like the plastic balance boards on the market. And it is great for helping you achieve that stronger body and is not just about rehabilitating injuries but also great for preventing injury if you don’t have any health problems as stability training is really important and your core muscles are used in pretty much everything you do on a daily basis.

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