Fitleader F101D Upright Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Fitleader F101D Upright Exercise Bike via Amazon

Fitleader Exercise Bike Fitness Indoor Workout F101D

Black Fitleader F101D is a brand new sleek and sporty, upright stationary exercise bike with a light yet solid steel frame for indoor home use with two-direction magnetic dynamic 13.22 pound flywheel for quiet and smooth operation, with comfortable seat and handlebars both of which are adjustable for height (seat height adjustment between 31.5 to 38.58 inches off the ground), a multifunctional LCD progress display that shows the distance, speed, time, calories burned, rpm and hand pulse through pulse rate sensors and ODOmeter that measures the total distance traveled on the bike and you can conveniently put your iPad or any tablet on the space allocated to watch stuff so you don’t get bored during your workout. It is offered with an easy access double action lever for 8 levels of resistance to change the challenge level and that works as a safety brake so you can go from very easy or warm-up to difficult as you go along and change during your workout easily thought the front tension knob. It includes a water bottle holder in the middle between seat and handles so you don’t have to get off the seat when you wish to have a drink of water.

Fitleader Exercise Bike Fitness Indoor F101D

Fitleader F101D’s shipping weight is less than 70 pounds, product out of the box measures 46 x 25.3 x 38.8 inches and has a maximum user weight capacity of 293 pounds. This is a great quality but affordable product that is built to last a long time as it feels like a commercial product designed for home use- looks like some of the bikes you may see at your gym. So whether you want to burn calories and lose fat or you want to practice your cycling work your lower body and legs or keep in shape overall this is a great bike with a beautiful sporty design that will help you achieve your goals. With the efficient dynamic flywheel and magnetic resistance it works quietly even at the highest setting so you can listen to music, watch TV or be entertained by the content on your tablet or iPad you put on the display panel that doesn’t seem very large but with more space allocated for your tablet. It is simple to assemble and operate and although it looks great and if you have enough space you can have a permanent spot for it, it has the transport wheels for mobility that let you move it away easily for storage. Fitleader is not the cheapest indoor exercise bike out there but for design/appearance, features, functionality and build quality it is quite good value.

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