Fitleader Indoor Upright Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike UF1 Review

Fitleader Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike via Amazon

Fitleader Indoor Upright Bike Exercise Magnetic Stationary Cycle

Fitleader UF1 is an upright magnetic stationary exercise bike with a perimeter weighted 15.4 pound flywheel designed for indoor at home use which would be a great addition to your home gym or can be used alone daily to burn some calories, keep fit, lose weight, get in shape, get your heart pumping and achieve a healthier lifestyle overall along with the right kind of healthy diet to help you get the results you want faster. You can exercise as easy or as hard as you want with different resistance levels of difficulty levels from 1 to 8 but it will run smoothly and quietly at all times and consistently and will certainly give you that real bike on the road feeling.

Black and white Fitleader Bike’s comfy seat is adjustable for height between 30 to 43 inches and the maximum user weight it can carry is specified as 290 pounds and it has the measurements of 41 x 20 x 59 inches- being an upright bike with a great design it has a smaller footprint and will not take up too much space and comes with transport wheels so you can move it around easily to store it in a corner. Pedals have a comfy and ergonomic design and help with and efficient, smooth and comfortable ride. Getting a stationary indoor bike is one of the most common alternatives (rowing machines, elliptical trainers, treadmills and more) to jogging outdoors or going to gym and if you enjoy cycling it is a no brainer and with how smooth this bike runs and with different resistance levels of the electromagnetic resistance system and brakes that also make this bike easier to use and with a wider variety of exercise programs.

Fitleader Indoor Upright Bike Exercise Magnetic Stationary Bike

It is made of heavy steel metal and is not the cheapest exercise bike but you kind of get what you pay for and it appears to be a high quality one with very decent build quality and the price is actually very competitive for an electromagnetic resistance bike and the features such as the battery operated progress panel that shows you the time, distance travelled, calories burned, watts, speed, rpm and pulse rate (with heart rate grip system on the handles) that lets you monitor your progress- to see how you’re doing, built-in fan and control buttons on its unique console, eight different resistance levels with the electromagnetic resistance system, rear stabilisers and frame levellers, adjustable seat and handles, ergonomic design of the seat and pedals.

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