Fitleader Loctek UF6M Stationary Indoor Magnetic Desk Exercise Bike Review

Fitleader Loctek UF6M Magnetic Desk Indoor Bike

Loctek UF6M Stationary bike Magnetic Desk Exercise Bike

Fitleader Loctek UF6M is a stationary exercise bike with a desk for indoor use at home and office for you to burn some calories and fat and get into shape even when you’re working and be healthy overall- great if you have a busy schedule and no time to exercise. It comes with the more advanced technology reliable and quick electromagnetic resistance rather than belt resistance for quieter and smoother operation than strap resistance as the magnets do not touch the perimeter weighted flywheel that is designed to give you a real road feel, but move towards and further away when you decrease and increase the pedal resistance. The unique design solid plastic console or desk that you can attach and remove has an anti-slip groove design surface and will hold your tablet, iPad, phone or laptop easily at a good angle to where you’re sitting and and will let you exercise comfortably while you’re pedalling with ergonomic and comfortable pedals with foot straps on. Both the seat and backrest are adjustable with seat between 30 to 38 inches and this will also add to your comfort level. 8 levels of resistance and course profiles can be adjusted via the tension knob in the middle and includes back stabilisers and frame levellers.

Fitleader Loctek UF6M Stationary Magnetic Desk Exercise Bike

Black Loctek UF6M measures 39 x 18 x 48 inches, is made of heavy steel material and has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds with a shipping weight of 65 pounds, so is not particularly lightweight as it is made of heavy steel material, but includes transportation wheels so you can move it in your house or office easily and conveniently. There is no bottle holder as far as we’re aware and would have been a nice addition for your convenience. The desk is easily removable and when you lift the handles it will turn into a regular indoor bike with heart rate sensors on the handles that shows the pulse rate on the battery operated display panel that also shows the standard indicators like time, calories, distance, speed and rpm for you to monitor your progress. This is a decent solid and functional indoor bike to consider if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise, despite not being a hundred percent substitute for a conventional workout, pedalling while sitting is so much better for you than sitting inactively. And it is not just when you’re working either, you may want to read a magazine, surf the internet, talk to friends and family on Skype, play games or watch videos- keep entertained when you’re exercising and do longer sessions, burn more calories and get in shape faster.

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