Fitness Reality Dual Action / Multi-Direction Air Walker X1 Review

Fitness Reality Air Walker (Cloud Walker) X1 

Bundle - Air Walker X1 Elliptical Walker + Abfirm Pro

Fitness Reality Air Walker X1 (also called Cloud Walker X1) is an elliptical trainer with a dual action and multi-directional leg motion. It is designed for a great cardiovascular exercise, toning and strengthening of lower body muscles with zero impact on your knees or leg or ankle joints, feet or back as it is also simple to get on and off. It is a durable product with a powder coated 2.5-inch thick tubular steel frame that can carry a user weight of up to 225 pounds and can be used by people between 4’10” and 6’ height. Air Walker X1 requires very little assembly and measures 34 x 20 x 52 inches- does not take up much space, and has a convenient foldable design with the dimensions of 17 x 20 x 52 inches as folded (half the width or the normal measurements). With the transport wheels included, you can easily relocate it within your house for storage but the steps can move a little when you attempt to roll it.

Bundle - Air Walker X1 Elliptical Walker and Abfirm Pro

The handles are foam covered and will prevent slipping during your session and the unit comes with very large foot pads that are ribbed so there won’t be any slipping. Calorie and fat burn and weight loss are maximized with a 36 inch of motion stride length and with the dual action arms, you will get an efficient upper body workout as well. You will find the pulse sensors on the handles in the middle and they are connected to the LCD display (2 AA batteries included) to help keep you in your target heart rate zone, and the panel also shows the time, distance, calories burned and step count. You can start by walking slowly and move up to a proper run with a total flexibility to do multi-directional movements unlike with other elliptical trainers- forward, backward, horizontal stretching to enhance your hamstrings, to lose weight and improve flexibility. You can pause and hold your pace to work on your calves, thighs, and backside, tighten your buttocks by doing circles with one leg while holding the other one still and taking turns, spread your legs to the side, and hold it at the top for strengthening your thighs.

What we can’t see here is a tension knob for increasing or decreasing resistance and you can’t really adjust the incline to make your exercise more challenging. It is more about the extra movements you can do with your legs and arms and the extra push and pulls that create the pressure and difficulty your muscles need. For example, you may lower your body into the squat position and move your legs to both sides. Especially the beginners just starting out with exercise will get plenty of benefits and use out of this, and those that want a harder workout, they can always try putting on the leg and arm weights during your exercise. And another negative is that the calorie counter does not seem to be very accurate as pointed out by a couple of customers. Despite these small flaws, this is a very good value product that will help you lose calories and weight by working on your lower and upper body and abs, without any strain on your joints. It is fun to use and works quietly so you can listen to music or watch TV during your workout and you will not be disturbing your neighbor downstairs. You may also choose to get it as part of a bundle with the AbFirm Pro through the links on this page.

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