Fitness Reality PT 1275 Power Tower Review

Fitness Reality PT 1275 Power Tower (Model# 2800)


Fitness Reality PT 1275 (Model# 2800) is a modern, versatile and durable- heavy duty power tower for a great resistance / strength training workout on your lower and upper body and core section by using your own body weight, with a total weight capacity of up to 275 pounds, thanks to its powder coated very strong tubular steel frame construction. It is quite comfy to work out on with its 2.25 inch thick angled cushions for your forearm, elbow, and wrist. You will be able to  tone all the main muscle groups, by working on your upper and lower abdominals and quad muscles efficiently, also toning your shoulders, biceps, triceps, lats, back by holding it differently with the multi-grip capability. There are a number of exercises you can do on this unit, including the obvious dips, leg raises, vertical knee raises, pull-ups and push-ups, close grip and wide grip chin-ups by rotating the handles to the rear of the power tower. This is not a proper advanced all-in-one fitness training equipment that will let you develop big muscles but offers a great way to complement your other strength and cardiovascular routine in your home gym. 


Black and silver Fitness Reality PT 1275 is a solid and sturdy, heavy duty unit that weighs 88 lbs and measures 43 x 38 x 84 inches, will take up a bit of space vertically and horizontally. It is shipped in proper packaging, the pieces are quite large and you will need to do some assembly before starting to use it, but the parts attach together properly with decent welds. There is a support bar that strengthens the solid main frame so it can handle more weight, and up to 275 pounds is thoroughly tested- it will be suitable for people os all sizes and shapes. The dip bar section is 23 inches wide (distance between the handles) and you can do deep push-ups on the foam dipped grips to tone your pec muscles. There is a step support that will allow you to get to the pull-up and chin-up bars, and the extended leg stabilizers that include anti-slip end caps that will help prevent slipping when you’re exercising, as you can see in the product photos. The angle on the main frame and the thick cushion ensure nice back support and stability when you do your side to side movements. It is offered with a year of limited warranty as a proof of its durable build quality for frequent home use.

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